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Picture of Booster teammate, Kevin McGee

Spotlight on Booster Teammate: Kevin McGee – Evolution of Leadership

At Booster, we believe our mission is to fuel the energy transition by transforming how the world powers the movement

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Stewardship: A Way of Life at Booster

In a world grappling with the pressing challenges of climate change and social inequalities, the importance of corporate stewardship cannot

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Title image: Reads "Acting with Integrity at Booster" while a badge with a heart floats on purple and deal background.

Acting with Integrity at Booster

Booster® is not shy about its commitment to customers, both internal and external. But when developing our working relationships, we

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Text reads "Striving for Excellence at Booster" next to an icon of a badge with a 1st place star ribbon.

Striving for Excellence at Booster

At Booster, we have high standards for ourselves, our work, and our results. To us, meeting our goals and continually

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Booster is Customer First, Always

The idea for Booster came to Frank Mycroft, our Founder and CEO, at home. When his wife was pregnant with

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At Booster, Bold is in Our DNA

Booster was born from a simple idea: that in a transportation industry historically reliant on dirty, unsustainable, fixed infrastructure for

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Badge with orange cone floats on purple and teal background. Words read "Centering Safety at Booster"

Centering Safety at Booster

At Booster, safety is our highest guiding principle. We are committed to investing time, resources, and energy to maintaining and

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