Spotlight on Booster Teammate: Kevin McGee – Evolution of Leadership

by Maggie Redling

Picture of Booster teammate, Kevin McGee

At Booster, we believe our mission is to fuel the energy transition by transforming how the world powers the movement of people and goods. It is only fitting that we spotlight a team member who has been a driving force in this movement—Kevin McGee. In his five-year tenure with Booster, Kevin has proven to be a catalyst for change, driving growth across multiple fronts and serving as a living testament to how to navigate corporate evolution and drive positive impact through innovation.

A Dynamic Evolution

Kevin’s story with Booster began when he joined as a General Manager tasked with spearheading the launch and management of Booster’s operations in Southern California. His impact was undeniable, as he constructed a robust sales, account management, and operations team.  Wanting to apply this success forward, Kevin took on additional responsibility through the added territory and ended up leading field operations nationwide.

Kevin’s strategic acumen and ability to navigate complex challenges naturally, his contributions quickly grew beyond field operations and progressed into helping shape corporate operations which included departments in sales and operations planning, operational analysis, real estate, supply chain, and fleet management.  Recognizing Booster’s mobile energy platform could span across a variety of energy types, Kevin assisted in pushing forward Booster’s sustainability efforts starting with converting from traditional diesel to renewable diesel which reduced Booster’s customers’ carbon footprint by 70%.  Additionally, Kevin created strategic partnerships to deliver mobile electric vehicle charging and hydrogen via Booster Marketplace placing Booster at the forefront to help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.

Prior to Booster Kevin’s career originated in corporate finance where he mastered the ability to tell stories with numbers.  “Numbers have a tendency to only tell partial truths, it’s understanding the drivers of numbers is where the real value is created.” Kevin’s unique background in finance when mixed with operations and his relentless drive to  “be in the arena” has continuously driven him to deliver results side by side with his team.

Passion and Purpose

When asked about what fuels his passion for his work, Kevin’s eyes light up. It’s the people he works alongside and the company’s mission that inspire him each day. Booster’s mission, to provide mobile energy by meeting customers where they are and taking them where they’re going, resonates deeply with Kevin. This mission isn’t just about fuel; it’s about transforming the way we perceive energy consumption, shortening supply chains, enhancing customer experiences, and accelerating the shift toward renewable energy sources. It’s a vision that Kevin believes is truly transformative, not just for Booster, but for the world.

Lessons Learned and Growth Mindset

Kevin’s journey has been marked by valuable lessons, some learned the hard way, and others through the guidance of mentors. Two lessons that have become guiding principles for him are “it’s never too early to start working on anything” and the power of embracing failure. The former emphasizes the importance of taking initiative and breaking down daunting tasks into actionable steps. The latter underscores the value of failing fast and turning failures into learning opportunities, fostering innovation, and collaboration, and leading to accelerated growth within teams.

Beyond Booster

Outside of the company, Kevin is engaged in earning an Executive MBA program at UCLA Anderson School of Management to further his personal and professional growth.  He enjoys a life filled with family, music, art, running, and travel. However, at the forefront, he attributes much of his grounding and success to his family. His wife, Sarah, an accomplished architect, has been his cornerstone, and their two children, Molly and Hudson, are his daily reminders of what matters most in life.

A Leader for the Future

Kevin McGee is more than just a team member; he is a leader who exemplifies what Booster aims to be—a company focused on innovation, sustainability, and above all, people. As he moves into his next chapter to lead our Finance and Accounting teams on an interim basis before he finds a new home in Corporate Strategy, we are excited to see how he will blend his expertise in finance, operations, and business development to continuously shape Boosters future.

Join us in celebrating Kevin, a teammate whose journey shows what is possible when you combine passion with purpose and chart a course to influence a new road for the future.