Booster CDL Academy

Training and Upskilling the Next Generation of Commercial Drivers

Booster is committed to investing in the growth and development of it’s drivers, creating both high-quality career opportunities and ensuring the exceptional standard of service promised to it’s customers. With the Booster CDL Academy, new hires gain the licenses and certifications needed, such as the commercial driver’s license, all while getting on-the-job training.

Perks of Graduating from the CDL Academy

  • Specialized Training

    Booster CDL Academy trainers work with each student to determine which career path best fits their goals, skills, and personality. Options include becoming a Booster Service Professional, trainer, fleet manager, and more.

  • High Starting Pay

    After students graduate from the CDL 90 days, they can expect to immediately start earning $52-62K per year.

  • Growth Opportunities

    Booster is committed to providing employees with a clear and structured path for professional growth, with 30% of Service Professionals being promoted to higher-level positions within the company.

Your Partner in Training Excellence and Skill Advancement

Lower Emissions

Start Earning Fast

Entry-level Service Professionals start at $50K+ per year, plus employer-paid health insurance.

better performance

Extensive Training Programs

Learn everything from the basics of commercial truck driving to advanced safety protocols.

fuel delivery led business cost optimisation

High Growth Opportunities

Train and growth with Booster from an apprentice to a Service Professional and beyond.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Holistic training program on basics in truck driving, advanced techniques, safety protocols, and fueling.

Expert Instructors

Seasoned professionals with years of experience in the trucking industry.

Earning while Learning

Students get 90 days to finish training with CDL Academy to become certified fuel delivery partners.

Career Support

Promotion opportunities and job security with Booster Fuels.

CDL Academy helps improve the lives of people in the communities we serve. In 2021, the median personal income in the U.S. was $37,552. At Booster, entry-level service professionals earn $52,000 to $62,400 per year.

Samuel Steinmetz, Manager, Ops Quality and Training, Booster

To join the CDL Academy, complete an application for an open Service Professional (CDL driver or Non CDL driver) position