Small tanker. Huge brain.

Designed from the ground up, our tankers

talk tech all day.

Our connected smart tankers boast nimble field execution and critical data capture.

Purple Tanker filling white passenger van

Tech-enabled energy

fuel tracking
  • Routing AI

    Extreme efficiency bringing lower costs to our customer. Booster's proprietary routing AI plans optimal routes with fuel-specific multidimensional capabilities.

  • Fuel tracking

    Booster adapts with your evolving fleet and service needs. We track demand, tanker deployment, and customer performance, in real time.

  • Service tracking

    Complete transparency for our customers. Our advanced vehicle and driver trackers unlock radical transparency into your service, vehicle, and more.

Smart Tanker

Service Professional using smart energy app on tablet
  • IoT enabled

    Our proprietary vehicle tagging technology adds fail-safes to vehicle identification and fueling details. Onboard IoT provides a comprehensive view of routes, with real-time situational data allowing our team to drive efficiency.

  • Remote control

    Our service professionals can remotely control tanker operations creating safety and efficiency gains across the entire delivery experience.

  • Safety & relability

    Our technology makes our operations the safest in the industry. Through machine learning and wearable devices, the tanker avoids trouble before our service professionals need to act.

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