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Mobile Fueling Provides Many Benefits for Landscaping Businesses

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From processing receipts to misuse or even outright fraud, managing fuel cards can be time-consuming and costly. Fleetcor estimates that fuel fraud and slippage make up 5-10% of a fleet’s annual cost (source). Mobile fueling with Booster provides one consolidated invoice along with a service dashboard that provides valuable insights into your fleet’s fuel consumption. Booster also partners with the major fuel card providers so customers retain all pre-existing benefits and discounts.

Booster provides best-in-class service through a dedicated customer success manager who’ll work directly with customer teams to launch service, ensure all standards are hit, and resolve any issues quickly.

With landscapers often having 3+ workers in a vehicle during gas station stops, reducing labor waste could save thousands of dollars each year. GeoTab estimates that the average gas station stop takes 20 minutes, including drive time deviating from a route and gas station dwell time (source). For a vehicle with three employees, mobile fueling gives your fleet back one whole hour of productivity.

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Fuel delivered with trust and dependability.

Cost Effective

Affordable fuel solutions for your landscaping business.

Time Saving

Streamlined fuel delivery for optimal time management.

Efficient Support System

Responsive and effective fueling support at your service.

Fuel Card Misuse Can Be a Costly Problem

Fleets see about 5 gallons of attempted fuel fraud per vehicle every month. Mobile fueling with Booster can eliminate this expense and increase efficiency.

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