On-Site Fueling for Public Sector Fleets

Booster Provides Fueling Infrastructure as a Service

Through onsite mobile fueling, we provide public sector fleets — from fire stations to school bus fleets — with the infrastructure-as-a-service needed to meet efficiency, cost-savings, and sustainability goals.

We fill the gaps in your fueling process for fleets with varied vehicle types and fuel product needs.

Underground Storage Tanks

Fleets across the country are phasing out USTs in favor of more sustainable solutions. Mobile fueling eliminates the need for USTs, reducing maintenance costs and preventing harmful leaks.

Fuel Cards

The procurement process for the public sector can be daunting. Booster provides a time-saving solution by integrating directly with your existing fleet fuel cards, removing the need for a formal RFP.

Complex Solutions

Fleet fueling needs are rarely one size fits all. With the ability to deliver multiple fuel types in one trip, Booster can support the evolving needs of diverse fleets.

Booster Acts Fast for Major Metropolitan School System

A major metropolitan school system in the Pacific Northwest leveraged its existing state contract with WEX to procure mobile fueling services for its fleet of more than 200 vehicles with varying fuel types. Booster was able to launch onsite fueling services within three weeks, prior to the start of the school year.

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School bus fueling

Fueling State and Local Government Fleets

Our direct supply chain reduces the expensive upfront costs associated with installing alternative energy stations and empowers state and local governments to choose and fuel-the vehicles they want regardless of existing infrastructure.

Chief Iverson of The San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department talks about the efficiency, safety and environmental benefits of their partnership with Booster Fuels.

Aging Storage Tanks are Becoming a Costly Problem

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 75% of underground storage tanks (USTs) will be 30 years old within the next two years, greatly increasing the likelihood of corrosion and leakage. With the inspections and maintenance required to prevent UST spills becoming costly to fleet managers nationwide, onsite fleet fueling is stepping in to fill the gap.

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Underground Storage oil Tank removal


If your state has a fuel card contract with WEX (click here to check the WEX site), you can use your existing WEX cards. Booster and WEX are long-standing partners with fully integrated billing systems.

There are several options available depending on your state's rules and regulations. Booster's knowledgeable team can partner with you through the process, however long or short.

Booster delivers various types of unleaded gasoline, diesel, and renewable fuels depending on the market. Complete the form above to discuss product availability for your area with a member of our experienced team.