Privacy Policy


Effective Date: December, 2019

California Users: Click here to see our Privacy Information for California Residents

Thank you for using Booster and your interest in our applications, websites, content, products, and services (“Services”) made available by Booster Fuels, Inc. (“Booster”, “we”, or “us”). When you use our Services, you will be sharing some information with us. For this reason, we wanted to be open about the information we collect, how we use it, whom we share it with, and the choices we give you to control, access, and update your information.

For your convenience, we have tried to make this Privacy Policy as straightforward as possible, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach us at

This Privacy Policy applies to any person using our Services (“Users”).

There are three categories of information we collect:

  • Information you choose to give to us
  • Information we get when you use our Services
  • Information we collect from third parties

Here is some more information on each category.

Information You Choose to Give to Us
By interacting with our Services, we collect information you choose to share with us; such as when you create or modify your user account so you can access our Services. This information may include: your name, email address, password, phone number, zip code, information about your vehicle, and payment information.

You will also provide us with any information you send when using our Services, like Service requests, the items and type of fuel requested, and any delivery notes you provide. Additionally, when you contact customer support or communicate with us in any manner, we will collect any information you volunteer.

Information We Get When Your Use Our Services
When you use our Services, we collect information about you in the following general categories:

  • Usage and Preference Information. We collect information about how you interact with our Services, preferences expressed, and settings chosen. In some cases, Booster does this through the use of cookies and other similar technologies, like web beacons. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually change this preference through the settings on your browser or device. Please be advised, though, that by removing or rejecting cookies, it could affect the availability and functionality of our Services.
  • Location Information: When you use our Services, depending on your app settings or device permissions, we may collect your location from the Booster app to improve your user experience. Booster may collect your precise or approximate location as determined though data like GPS, IP address, and WiFi. Booster may collect location information of your device when the app is running in the foreground (when the app is open and on your screen) or background (when the app is open but not on screen). You may disable Booster from determining your location but be advised this may impact the functionality of Booster’s Services to you.
  • Device Information. Booster collects information from and about the device you use. This type of information includes, but is not limited to: hardware and software, such as the hardware type, operating system version, browser type, apps installed, preferred language, unique device identifier, advertising identifiers, device motion information (such as compasses), and mobile network information.
  • Transaction Information. Booster collects transaction details related to your use of our Services, including the type of service requested, the date and time the service was provided, the amount charged, the product supplied, and other related transaction details. Additionally, if someone uses your promo code, we may associate your name with that person.
  • Device Phonebook. With your permission, we may collect information from your device’s phonebook.
  • Call and SMS Data: Our Services facilitate communications between Users and our delivery drivers (“Driver”). In connection with facilitating this service, we may receive call data, including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the parties’ phone numbers, and the content of the SMS message.
  • Log Information: When you interact our Services, we may collect server logs, which might include information like device IP address, access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activity, type of browser, and the third-party site or service you were using before interacting with our Services.

Information We Collect from Third Parties

This may include:

  • Information Provided By Other Users. We may collect information that other users provide about you when they use our Services. For example, if another user allows us to collect information about their device’s phonebook – and you are one a contact of that user.
  • Information Regarding Referral Programs. Users may provide your information in connection with referral programs.
  • Service Requests. Users may request services for or on your behalf.
  • Claims or Disputes. Users or others may provide us your information in connection with a claim or dispute.
  • Business Providers. Booster’s business providers may provide information about you when you create, link, or access your Booster account to your other accounts, such as payment providers and social media services.
  • Publicly available sources.

Booster may combine the information collected from these sources with other information in our possession.

Booster collects and uses information for various business purposes to better service our customers to allow us to reliably and conveniently service you; so, our customers do not have to think about going to a gas station anymore! We continually strive to make our Services better and do this in a variety of ways.

  • Providing Services and Features. We use information collected to provide, personalize, maintain and improve our Services to you. This includes, but is not limited to:
    Creating and updating your account.

    • Verifying your identity to prevent fraud or unauthorized activity.
    • Allowing us to provide you with Services, which includes the processing of your information to allow for Dynamic Pricing (the price of gas which is determined based on varying factors including location, date and time, and number of other users in the area).
    • Process or facilitate payments for the Services.
    • Track the progress of Services.
    • Contextualize your experience, for example, by allowing you to share information with other people, such as if you would like to submit a comment about your Service Professional (the “Service Pro”) or refer a friend to Booster.
    • Perform internal operations, such as troubleshooting software issues or operational problems, conduct data analytics, testing, and research and to monitor and analyze usage and activity trends.
    • Enforce our Terms of Service.
  • Safety and Security. We use your data to help maintain your safety and Safety and Security. We use your data to help maintain your safety and security and to protect the integrity our Services. For example, this includes, but is not limited to, using data, such as device, location and/or usage information, to prevent, detect and combat fraud or using user ratings to allow us to improve our Services.
  • Customer Support. Booster uses any information collected to help when you reach out to customer support so that we can quickly and effectively investigate and rectify user concerns and monitor and improve our customer service responses.
  • Research and Development. We may use the information collected for testing, research, analysis and product development. This allows Booster to improve and enhance the safety and security of our Services and develop new features and products.
  • Communications from Booster. Booster may use information we collect to communicate with you, through email or text message, about Services, surveys, news, updates, and events. We may also use your information to promote or process any sweepstakes entered into and fulfill any rewards personal to you.
  • Cookies and Similar Technology. We may use information collected through the use of cookies and other technology to enhance our Services and your experience with them. This includes, but is not limited to, authenticating users, remembering customized and preferred settings, Services analytics and trends, and delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We may also allow others to provide Booster analytics, to service advertisements on our behalf and to track and report on the performance of those advertisements. These entities may use cookies, web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device when you use Booster’s Services.
  • Legal Proceedings and Requirements. We may use the information we collect to investigate, or address claims or disputes relating to our use of Booster’s services or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, or, as requested by regulators, government entities and official inquiries.

We may share the information we collect:

  • At Your Request
  • With the General Public
  • With the Owner of Booster Accounts that You May Use
  • With Booster Affiliates, Service Providers, or Business Partners
  • For Legal Reasons or in the Event of a Dispute
  • With Your Consent
  • Here is some more information on each category

At Your Request
This includes sharing your information with other people at your request or a Booster business partners, such as if you requested a gas delivery (known to us lovingly as a “Boost”) through a promotional offering made by a third party then Booster may share your information with that party. A Booster business partner may include, but is not limited to, other apps or website that integrate with our APIs or those with an API or service with which we integrate, or a partner who we partner with to deliver a promotion, a contest or a specialized service.

With the General Public
At Booster, we love hearing from you! This includes public forums such as social media channels, app platforms such as iTunes and Google Play, and certain features on our network. When you communicate with us through these channels, your comments may be viewable by the public.

With the Owner of Booster Accounts that You May Use
If you happen to use a profile associated with another party, we may share your Service information with the owner of that profile. This could occur, for example, when a user arranges a Boost for a friend or family member or when your employer arranges a Boost on your behalf.

With Booster Affiliates, Service Providers, or Business Partners
We may share information with our affiliates only to help provide our Services. Booster may also provide information to its vendors, consultants, marketing partners, and other service providers or business partners. This could include: payment processors and facilitators, cloud storage providers, marketing partners and platform providers, data analytics providers, consultants (such as lawyers, accountants, and other professional service providers), and insurance and financing partners. If you obtain our Services through an employer-subsidized or sponsored plan, we may share information about use of the Services with your employer to facilitate the service offering.

In certain instances, we may let our service providers or business partners use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies on our Services. These companies may collect information about how you use our Services over time and combine it with similar information from other services and companies. The information may be used to, among other things, analyze and track data, determine Services trends and usage, and better understand your online presence and activity.

For Legal Reasons or in the Event of a Dispute
Booster may share your information if we reasonably believe it is required to comply with applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, contractual obligation, or where disclosure is otherwise necessary due to safety concerns. This includes sharing your information as necessary to enforce Booster’s Terms of Service, user agreements, or other policies to protect Booster’s rights or property or the rights, safety, or property of another, or in the event of a claim or dispute relating you your use of our Services.

If you use a credit card that is not your own, and without proper consent from the actual card holder, we may be required by law to share your information with the actual credit card holder, including trip information.

If Booster gets involved in a merger, asset sale, financing, acquisition of all or a portion of our business by or into another company, or a consolidation, we may share your information with the that company before and after the transaction closes.

With Your Consent
Booster may share your information other than as described above if we notify you and you consent to the sharing.

Booster allows you to live your life more effectively by removing the hassle of going to the gas station. For us to best serve our Users, we store some of your information such as:

  • Basic account information – your name, phone number, email address and car information, until you ask us to delete them.
  • Location information while you are using the app.

If you ever decide to stop using Booster, (and we hope that you don’t!), you can ask us to delete your account.

Please be advised, that while our system is designed to carry out deletion practices automatically, we cannot promise that deletion will occur within a specific timeframe. There may be additional legal requirements to store data and we may need to delay deletion practices if we receive a valid legal request asking us to preserve content or if we have received reports of abuse or violations of Booster’s Terms of Service. We may also retain certain information in backup for a limited period of time or as required by law.

In order for you to be in control of your information, we provide you with the following tools. If you are a California resident, please see the “Privacy Information for California Residents” section below for specific information about your rights under California privacy laws.

Download Your Data
At any point in time, you can access and edit your basic account information in the app. If you would like to get information which is not available in Booster’s app, you can contact which will provide you with this additional data. Because your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, we may ask you to verify your identity and provide additional information before we let you access or update personal information. We may need to refuse this request for a number of reasons, including, for example, that the request risks the privacy of others or is unlawful.

Revoking or Changing Permissions
You can always change your mind about letting us use your information and revoke or change permission by changing the settings within the Booster app. If you choose to do this, certain Services may lose complete functionality. If you would like to revoke permission, you can do this by going into the “Settings” section of the Booster app.

If for any reason you decide you would like to have your Booster account deleted, all you need to do is send an email to Once you have initiated the deletion of your account, during the first 30 days, your account will only be deactivated. This is so that if you have a change of heart, and wish to reactivate your account, this can occur quickly and effortlessly. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted, so long as Booster is not required to retain certain information. Booster may be unable to delete your account if there is an outstanding credit or there is an unresolved claim or dispute. Upon the resolution of the issue preventing account deletion, Booster will delete the account.

Booster may also retain certain information if it is necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing user safety and security. An example of this would be if Booster closed a user account because of fraud, then we may retain certain information about that account to prevent that user from opening a new Booster account in the future.

  • Account Reactivation. If you wish to reactivate your account, it’s as easy as logging back into Booster like you normally would within 30 days of deactivation.

Marketing Notification Preferences
We send you notifications that we believe are helpful and informative about Booster’s Services. If you ever wish to amend your notifications, and opt-out of receiving these notifications, you can do so in the app by going into “Settings” and then “Notifications”. Please be advised that even if you opt-out, we may still send you non-promotional notifications, such as receipts and other information about your account.

If you are a California resident, California law requires us to provide you with some additional information regarding how we collect, use, and share your “personal information” (as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”)).

A. Categories of Personal Information We Collect Throughout this Policy, we discuss in detail the specific pieces of personal information we collect from and about our users. Under the CCPA, we are also required to provide you with the “categories” of personal information we collect. The categories we collect are:

  • Name (such as real name and alias);
  • Contact Information (such as personal mobile number, address, email address);
  • Login Information (such as your account name and password);
  • Financial Information (such as credit card information collected by our payment processors on our behalf);
  • Professional or Employment Information (such as the name and address of the company you work for);
  • Geolocation Information (such as your precise or approximate location as determined though data like GPS or IP address);
  • Device and Online Information (such as mobile device content, IP address, browsing history, and usage information);

B. How we source, use, and share these categories of personal information. We source, use, and share the categories of personal information we collect from and abut you consistent with the various business and operational purposes we discuss throughout this Policy and for the business and operational purposes of our service providers in accordance with the CCPA. See the “Information We Collect,” “How We Use Information” and “How We Share Information” sections above for more information.

Please note that the CCPA sets forth certain obligations for businesses that “sell” personal information to third parties. We do not engage in such activity and have not engaged in such activity in the past twelve months from the effective date of this Policy.

C. Your California Privacy Rights. If you are a California resident, the CCPA allows you to make certain requests about your personal information. Specifically, the CCPA allows you to request us to:

  • Inform you about the categories of personal information we collect or disclose about you; the categories of sources of such information; the business or commercial purpose for collecting your personal information; and the categories of third parties with whom we share/disclose personal information.
  • Provide access to and/or a copy of certain personal information we hold about you.
  • Delete certain personal information we have about you.
  • Provide you with information about the financial incentives that we offer to you, if any.

The CCPA further provides you with the right not to be discriminated against (as provided for in applicable law) for exercising your rights. Please note that certain information may be exempt from such requests under California law. For example, we need certain information in order to provide the Service to you. We also will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before responding to a request. In doing so, we may ask you for verification information so that we can match at least two verification points with information we maintain in our files about you. If we are unable to verify you through this method, we shall have the right, but not the obligation, to request additional information from you. If you would like further information regarding your legal rights under California law or would like to exercise any of them, or if you are an authorized agent making a request on a California consumer’s behalf, please contact us at or by filling out our form: Booster’s CA Access/Deletion Request.

Shine the Light Disclosure: The California “Shine the Light” law gives residents of California the right under certain circumstances to request information from us regarding the manner in which we share certain categories of personal information (as defined in the Shine the Light law) with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. We do not share your personal information with third parties for their own direct marketing purposes.

Under Nevada law, certain Nevada consumers may opt out of the sale of “personally identifiable information” for monetary consideration (as such terms are defined under Nevada law) to a person or that person to license or sell such information to additional persons. We do not engage in such activity; however, if you are a Nevada resident and you have purchased products or services from us, you may submit a request to opt out of any potential future sales under Nevada law by emailing us at Please note we may take reasonable steps to verify your identity and the authenticity of the request. Once verified, we will maintain your request in the event our practices change.

Booster’s services are not intended for, and we do not direct them to, anyone under 13. For this reason, we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13. If we learn that we have collected this information, we will take the appropriate actions to delete any collected information from our files as soon as possible.

From time to time we may make changes to this Privacy Policy. When we do this, we’ll let you know one way or another. This means that sometimes we’ll alert you by revising the date at the top of this Privacy Policy that is available on our website and app. Other times, we may provide you with an additional notice – such as sending you an email about the update or providing you with an in-app notification.