Booster is Customer First, Always

by Booster Insights

The idea for Booster came to Frank Mycroft, our Founder and CEO, at home.

When his wife was pregnant with their first child, she told Frank she never wanted to go to the gas station again. The customer experience was terrible, and not just for those expecting. Gas stations tend to be dirty, inconvenient, often unsafe and are significant contributors to pollution.

Frank readily took over fueling duties for the family, but couldn’t shake the core of his wife’s complaint: nobody enjoys fueling their vehicles. In a way, Frank’s wife was Booster’s first customer. In making sure she never had to fuel her vehicle again by taking the task off her plate, he realized he could do this for drivers across the country. He knew that consumers wanted and deserved the best experience possible, no matter what the product or service was; even if it was fueling. That was the genesis of Booster’s customer value — one of our six core values to live and work by.

“We’re in this business to serve the customer in their daily work life; to make each driver’s route go a little smoother and each fleet manager’s operations more efficient and sustainable,” says Ericka Ramon, VP of Account Management and Customer Success at Booster. “All that we do — from sourcing a wide range of traditional and sustainable fuels to serve every customer’s needs, to developing a real-time fleet data portal — is with their benefit in mind.”

As Booster has evolved, our service has come to offer so much more value than fueling alone. For some customers, sustainability is king. For others, cost savings and renewed efficiency are business drivers. We recognize that each fleet’s needs and wants are different, and we are committed to tailoring service and working with them to develop the best outcome for their goals.

The Customer-Centric Outlook

As a customer-focused organization, we know that the client is not the only customer. At Booster, our customer-first mindset considers the needs, wants, emotions, and challenges of not only our external customers, but our internal customers as well. Within our own operations, we treat each other with the utmost respect, providing deliverables and centering the needs of our internal teammates in the same way we would our external teammates. It’s one way we’ve gotten so much practice at customer-service.

We pride ourselves in delivering the technology, innovation and operational excellence our customers require to thrive. We offer every customer the best service experience, backed by a safety-first culture that fosters a healthy and sustainable environment. We follow through on our customer commitments in every aspect of every service that we offer. To reach this goal, Booster team members are constantly considering the customers at hand, mapping efforts to these key questions:

  • Do I understand my customer’s needs and wants?
  • Can I feel the customer’s pain and joy?
  • What problem is my customer trying to solve?
  • Did I ask my customer for their input before, during and after this project?

Above all, our customer value ensures we continue to innovate, create, and build the right things, for the right people, for the right reasons, at the right time. This creates credibility, compassion and longevity in our customer relationships.

And while we certainly have our eye on changing the world, we’ll never lose sight of what started it all: the person behind the wheel (or at the pump). As Ericka Ramon put it, “We have a lot of lofty goals at Booster, from revolutionizing fleet fueling to driving innovation of sustainable, decarbonized transportation energy. But at the heart of it all, our dedication is and always has been to the customer.”