Integrated Fleet Optimization Data
and Insights

Energy intelligence delivered directly to your device.

An unprecedented resource for your complete fueling behavior.

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Booster Insights

Fleet Data Integrations

Telematics Integrations

Booster Insights

  • Energy dashboard

    Service, consumption, spend, and vehicle answers at your fingertips so you can make better, faster decisions.

  • Real-time data

    Integrated fleet optimization data and insights delivered directly to your device.

  • Better service your customers

    With insight-based decisions, you can increase your route capacity and expand your fleet utilization.

Fleet data integrations

  • Fleet management integration

    We partner with the largest fleet management companies like Enterprise Holdings and ARI.

  • Fleet card integrations

    We integrate with major telematics providers like Geotab, Samsara, and Verizon, driving insights across your fleet.

  • 360° Fleet Data

    We give a full 360° view of your fleet, by working with your telematics data and other critical services.

Telematics integrations

  • Vehicle optimization

    Know which vehicles are optimized and which still have room for efficiencies. Whether it’s the occasional gas station stop or an underutilized asset, our system will flag them for your attention.

  • A healthier fleet

    Using mileage, fuel burn, and OEM data, we’ll help you catch maintenance needs and potential issues before they are problems.

  • Proactive alerts

    Get real-time notifications of routes – or drivers deviating from routes or stopping at gas stations – giving instant feedback and coaching opportunities to frontline managers.

  • Fleet insights deep dive

    Real-time reporting and notifications showing vehicle level detail on efficiency, fueling trends, mileage, driver behaviors, and more.

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