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Frequently asked questions

Customer Support

Our support hours are 6AM - 6PM PST
Text us at (844) 227-9191 or send us an email at CustomerCare@BoosterFuels.com

How it Works:

How do you find my car?

If using our service at your work, our service pros head straight to your parking spot when you pin your location in the app. We confirm it’s you based on the vehicle details you provide (make, model, license plate, etc.) At our pop-up gas stations, our service pro will verify your confirmation number and find you in the queue once you complete your service request.

How do you access my gas tank to fill it?

Just pop your fuel tank door before you head inside! If someone closes it, we’ll reach out via text message to let you know.

How do I know when Booster has delivered my gas?

We’ll shoot you an email and a text when your boost is complete.

What do I do if I need to leave or move my car?

Simply edit your location in the app, or cancel your order — no charge!

How do I know the quantity is correct?

Our trucks have approved Weights and Measures pumps, just like the ones at gas stations. Our pumps are regularly calibrated to make sure we deliver the correct quantity every time.

When do you deliver?

Check your service location for available fueling times. Reach out to our support team if you’d like more information support@boosterfuels.com


How much does it cost?

Delivery is free, there are no membership fees, and our prices are competitive to the gas stations in your area.

How are you priced so competitively?

Our reinvented fuel supply chain allows us to save on the costs of running a traditional gas station. We happily pass those savings onto you.

How do I pay?

We accept credit, debit, PayPal, Venmo (only on iOS), and Apple Pay or Google Pay. Credit cards recognize us as a (mobile) gas station, so you can save time and earn points! Note that Booster temporarily pre-authorizes $50 per transaction to validate payment method, however, we only charge you for gallons delivered once your transaction has settled.

Are there ways to save?

Yes! Share your referral code and earn $10 for every friend that you refer! We also offer periodic promotions and discounts.

Our gas:

What types of gas do you offer?

Unleaded regular (87-octane) and unleaded premium (91-octane in California and 93-octane elsewhere) gas.

Where does your gas come from?

Our fuel comes straight from the refinery and we only purchase from well-known, trusted suppliers.

How is the gas quality?

We double-filter our fuel and triple the minimum detergent levels required by the EPA.

How much gas do I get?

We always fill until your tank is full.


How safe is Booster?

Safety is our top priority and our standards are high. We work with officials in the communities we serve to ensure we are in compliance with all local ordinances.

Service professional safety?

Every service professional undergoes a thorough background check, completes rigorous safety training for hazardous materials, and has a commercial driver’s license.

Truck safety?

Our trucks are made by the same manufacturers who make jet fuel trucks. They’re equipped with features built for the runway, yet perfect for maneuvering around a parking lot.

How big are your trucks?

We’ve designed fueling trucks that are shorter in length than most SUV’s, making it just as maneuverable as a small car. More often than not, our trucks will be the smallest service vehicles delivering goods on your campus!

How safe is Booster?

Safety is our top priority, and our standards are high. We have a perfect safety record, best-in-class liability insurance, and all required local and regional permits everywhere we operate.

When can you come to my campus?

Once you select your service location for your workplace or pop-up fueling site in the Booster app, you will see available days and hours of operations for that location.