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Cal-Med Ambulance keeps their emergency vehicles ready to respond with mobile fueling.

  • 4,800+ employee hours saved
  • 60% reduction in fueling costs
  • 100% elimination of gas cards


Booster helps Cal-Med Ambulance save money and reduce administrative work, all while keeping their fleet operations running 24/7 so EMTs can focus on their job – saving lives.


With a 24/7 schedule, Cal-Med's EMTs spent important hours and a lot of overtime refueling. Filling up needed to be done wherever and whenever was closest and fastest, resulting in frequent fuel card mismanagement and costly fuel spend.

  • • 24/7 availability and preparedness interrupted by frequent fueling logistics
  • • Increased administrative headache resulting from inconsistent fuel insights and misplaced fuel cards
  • • Expensive fuel costs and incomplete reporting across various fuel types, locations and times
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With the help of Booster mobile fueling, Cal-Med Ambulance and their EMTs are ready for every call and can keep their focus and operations moving 24/7.

  • • Reliable and consistent fueling during fleet downtime
  • • Guaranteed local fuel prices, tracked in one consolidated fuel statement
  • • Complete real-time fueling overview with Booster Insights dashboard
Booster helps Cal-Med Ambulance keep their emergency vehicles ready to respond. Cal-Med Ambulance – customer since 2018

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