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San Mateo Fire Department reduces employee safety risks and environmental carbon emissions.

  • $300k+ total labor costs saved
  • 6,600+ labor hours saved
  • 4,100+ lbs of CO₂ emissions prevented


Booster helps San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department (SMCFD) reduce unnecessary exposure to health and safety risks for firefighters, equipments and trucks – keeping first responders safe to help those in need.


With 55+ fire apparatuses and 150+ full time personnel spread across 10 fire stations, fleet fueling and logistics are no easy task – especially when those tasks take time away from the life-saving work of firefighters.

  • • 24/7 availability and preparedness interrupted by frequent fueling logistics
  • • Unpredictable navigation of large fire trucks in high risk areas resulting in accidents
  • • Complex fuel tracking and accounting across public and private stations resulting in expensive fuel costs
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With the help of mobile fuel delivery and Booster Insights, San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department is able to bring all stations' insights into one billing statement and dashboard to get a complete understanding of fuel spend.

  • • Deliver fuel directly to the fire stations during the statistically slowest call time, coordinating directly with dispatch to capture almost every engine
  • • A safe working environment, limiting firefighter exposure to injury or accident
  • • Ease of burden when navigating unpredictable, high risk areas with fire trucks
"Before we implemented Booster Fuels, we would go to the gas stations to fuel up our trucks and the trucks only get 6 miles per gallon, so we’re burning quite a bit of fuel and increasing carbon emissions in our environment. By using Booster Fuels we’re able to reduce that carbon footprint." Chief Ray Iverson, The San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department

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