Improved Online Fleet Reporting – New Features

by Booster Insights

Booster is beginning to roll out new products and features that offer businesses unparalleled insights into their fleet operations and the savings that come with Mobile Fueling.

This first feature release will allow our fleet customers to consolidate information with multiple locations and fuel types under one parent account, improving the reporting and billing experience.

Enterprise Level Reporting & Billing

Businesses with multiple locations no longer have to toggle between each location to see important fleet data. That means they can now view the fleet performance of all locations under a single parent account. It’s as simple as logging into the Booster Dashboard and viewing order information under “All Sites,” including last Service Date, Account Name, Fuel Type, Number of Vehicles Filled, Number of Gallons Dispensed and the Total Amount Charged.

There are also multiple ways to download data. Simply “Export Summation CSV” or “Export Details CSV” in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard and export a CSV file for each individual order, each billing cycle for a single location or throughout the entire organization. Lastly, you have the ability to toggle service dates and export this data to a CSV file.

Consolidated Gas and Diesel Insights

Businesses that get boosted with both gas and diesel no longer have to toggle between accounts to see their important fleet data. We have consolidated gas and diesel insights and billing into one account. The top of the Booster Dashboard now allows users to toggle between All Fuel Types, Gas Only, and Diesel Only. They’ll be able to see the last service date, number of vehicles filled, fuel type, number of gallons dispensed, and the total amount charged, and export this information.

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