Energy Migration

Optimize your evolving delivery fleet to
reduce environmental impact and improve customer

Booster is your fleet sustainability partner for your clean energy transition

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low carbon biofuel
on-site electric vehicle charging

1. Mobile Fueling

Booster has the mobile fueling options your fleet needs to make the transition to cleaner energy.

2. Biofuels

Premium, customized, low-carbon biofuel blends – unlocking today’s supply chain and next generation fuels.

3. Electric

Mobile and flexible on-site electric vehicle charging capacity.

Helping fleets
decarbonize today

Our 100% carbon-neutral Smart Tankers drive a supply chain that's simpler, with 50% fewer fuel transfers than a gas station, fewer vapor emissions, and no ground-polluting underground fuel storage tanks. This can immediately reduce the carbon load of a business by an average of 14%.

energy transition

Increasing fleet fuel efficiency

Underinflated tires are common across all fleets, significantly reducing fuel efficiency. A 0.2% loss in fuel efficiency, for each point of PSI under optimal pressure, can result in 1-2% lost fuel efficiency on average for fleet vehicles.

man checking tire pressure of a truck

Unlocking renewable fuels

Enabling customized biofuels to reduce carbon intensity of legacy Internal Combustable Engines (ICE) fleets can result in an 8% reduction in lifecycle emissions.

Gasoline vehicles can run on up to 20% ethanol blends without any impact to performance, if properly tuned and maintained.

unlocking renewable fuels

Accelerating the transition the cleaner fuel types

As fleets electrify, Booster can reduce the cost and risk of EV adoption with flexible, mobile charging capacity. Removing the need to build infrastructure saves capital costs, and speeds transition time and approvals.

EV charging with mobile fueling

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