Trust, Advocacy, Transparency – 3 Pillars of Booster’s Customer Experience

by Booster Insights

A business is only as good as the relationships it has with its customers. At Booster, our customers trust us to provide them with a service that is critical to their daily operations: mobile energy delivery. These businesses run on Booster, and we don’t take that lightly. By establishing good relationships with our customers, we’ve been able to scale and reliably deliver gas, diesel, and other energy to fleets of all sizes. Today, some of the biggest companies in the world, including Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Stanley Steemer trust us to deliver business-essential products to many of their sites across the U.S.

In addition to offering a quality product and reliable operations, at Booster we have been able to make this expansion happen by placing the utmost importance on customer experience. We foster relationships with our customers in three key ways: establishing trust, advocating for them, and being transparent.

Establish Trust

Traditional vendor relationships are strictly transactional and, consequently, not very loyal. Developing close relationships and reliably executing on the service we deliver is critical to keeping customers happy and builds the foundation for us to scale our business. If our customers trust us to deliver the critical energy to power their fleets, they will remain great partners long-term and expand our services to additional markets.

Trust is established by proving that we not only seamlessly execute on the basics of our service, but also obsess over the details. Sweating the small stuff is what we do best. That means setting up an open and frequent dialogue to let customers know that they can always come to us with questions, concerns, or suggestions and we will act on them.


Going beyond just listening to our customers, we believe in taking the time to truly understand their problems, pain points, and business objectives. Our customers are the best people to tell us what we do well, where we could improve, or what would be a great product or feature to offer in the future. Their feedback is invaluable to our success. To enable and encourage feedback, we’ve created many ways to listen to our customers, including:

  • dedicated Account Management resources
  • customer site visits and business reviews
  • feedback forms in the Booster Insights™ customer portal

As the main point of contact for our customers, my Account Management and Support team has the responsibility of representing the customer voice at Booster. Listening, understanding, and advocating for their needs and concerns is paramount. When we’re sitting in meetings to work through customer pain points, product enhancements,  or strategy, we always listen with the customer in mind and speak on their behalf.

Customer feedback has shaped our overall business strategy, where we launch service next, what products we develop, and so much more.

“When someone comes to me with a cost saving idea, I don’t immediately jump up and say yes. I ask: what’s the effect on the customer?” – Herb Kelleher, Co-Founder of Southwest Airlines

Be Transparent

Trust and transparency go hand in hand. It’s not enough to say that we are delivering fuel to our customers at competitive prices or that our service saves them a significant amount of money every year. We have to prove it.

Booster has built a robust technology platform that shows customers the ROI they are getting from our service at any time, in real-time, through their Booster Insights™ customer portal. We use this transparent data to talk about our service and identify growth or improvement opportunities during our routine business reviews with customers, for example:

Our data can track fuel usage patterns to determine if we are maximizing our service for a customer and driving strong ROI for them. This data can help inform optimal delivery schedules for a more efficient service from Booster, further reducing unnecessary gas station visits, wasted employee hours, and vehicle wear and tear. This data and transparency makes the value of our partnership incredibly clear and offers compelling insights for quantifying that value.

If you would like to get in touch or are interested in learning more about Booster’s energy intelligence solution, visit our website.