Sustainability Without Compromise

by Booster Insights

Booster converts nearly 40% of California customers to renewable fuels.

As climate-aware citizens of the world set their sights on net-zero emissions by 2050, it is clear that re-imagining how we generate electricity, how we build things, how we grow our food and how we get around will require bold and collective action by the brightest and most creative scientists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

Last month, global leaders and policymakers assembled at COP26 in Glasgow to tackle this exact challenge. Like many of us contemplating how to do our part to address climate change, participants at COP26 faced an interminable list of uncomfortable tradeoffs to evaluate: Who’s going to pay for what? How do we manage the tradeoffs between today and tomorrow? How do we fund new technologies that have longer-term paybacks? These difficult questions may prove the most consequential in modern history.

At Booster, we obsess about many of the same questions. For context, Booster delivers energy to last mile fleet vehicles. These vehicles range from e-commerce delivery vans to consumer rental cars. We recognize that the transportation sector is responsible for nearly a third of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, reducing vehicle emissions is an important component of the de-carbonization journey.

Many of our customers are faced with the same uncomfortable prospect of making a tradeoff between investing in sustainability or driving business productivity. For most, one step forward on their decarbonization journey equals two steps back on driving free cash flows. This is sustainability fraught with compromise and uncertainty.

With Booster, there’s no need for compromise.

Booster’s last mile energy delivery platform transforms the relationship between decarbonization and efficiency for fleet operators.

How? We deliver renewable, low carbon fuels directly into our customers’ vehicles at prices competitive to their traditional petroleum counterparts. Making the change from conventional to renewables requires no up-front capital expenditures, upgrades, or swapping out vehicles. As a matter of fact, no change is required to realize a potentially huge change in the impact of fleets on the world.

Additionally, many of these renewable fuels can be better for our customers’ engines. Equally important is the fact that we deliver these products to our customers at night during non-productive hours. Doing so enables our customers to avoid costly trips to the gas station, unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, and fuel fraud. Our mobile fueling service actually enhances productivity: that avoided trip to the gas station can result in an extra product or service delivered.

Actions speak louder than blogs.

As a leader in energy delivery, we’ve taken concrete steps toward sustainable energy delivery without compromise.

As a matter of fact, we’ve already converted nearly 100 diesel fleet customers, or around 37% of our fleet roster in California, to renewable fuels, powered by our new strategic partnership with Renewable Energy Group. We’re putting our customers on track to become more efficient and friendlier with the environment, reducing their carbon emissions by 70% overnight. This is the kind of action Booster is interested in taking on for our planet.

With Booster, setting (and achieving!) sustainability goals does not have to come at the cost of propelling your business to new heights. This is sustainability without compromise.

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