FAQs about
Renewable Fuels

Our Renewable Fuel delivery service provides many benefits to our customers and the environment. Below are some frequently asked questions about the products we deliver, our service and the environmental benefits.

Renewable fuel is a lower-carbon option that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while still meeting the performance needs of conventional fossil fuels.

Renewable fuel is a direct substitute for conventional fuel that is refined from lower carbon and renewable source materials, such as biomass feedstock and vegetable oils.

Renewable fuels aid in self-ignition of fuel and allow for easier starting, smoother running of engines and more reliable operation, along with reduced carbon emissions.

Booster is adding renewable fuels to its product line-up to help extend the opportunity of decarbonization to fleets without increasing fueling costs.

The Energy Transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from a fossil fuels-based systems of energy production and consumption to more renewable, sustainable sources of energy.

The Energy Transition could impact supply, production and consumption of current fossil fuels-based energy sources while putting demand on newer infrastructure, technology and renewable fuels.

Renewable fuel is available to customers in our California-based markets for the time being.

Booster partners with the leading producer of renewable energy REG, as well as a few other key suppliers.

Yes, renewable fuels and its blends can be used in any diesel engine without modification.

Because of the higher Cetane from the renewable diesel and the cleaner burning from the biodiesel, Ultra Clean® offers better self ignition, easier starting, smoother running, longer engine life and reliable operation.

Renewable fuels are completely blendable with biodiesel and petroleum diesel.

Renewable diesel and Biodiesel have no significant impact on MPG.

There is no cost difference between delivery of petroleum diesel and renewable diesel.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group is a leading producer and provider of lower carbon fuels in the United States. A publicly traded firm, REG was founded in 2006 and operates 12 bio-refineries across the country.

Ultra Clean® Blend combines renewable diesel and biodiesel to create one of the lowest-carbon fuels available on the market today. The proprietary blend delivers excellent lubricity and reduces carbon emissions in a 100% renewable fuel.

Yes, REG’s Ultra Clean® Blend is an approved fuel by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Compared to petroleum diesel, Ultra Clean® Blend reduces total hydrocarbon emissions by more than 20%, particulate matter emissions by more than 40%, carbon monoxide emissions by more than 25%, and nitrogen oxide by 10%.

Depending on location, there are federal and state incentives – including LCFS credits and RINs.

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