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Women Supporting Women: Ericka Ramon on Being a Woman in the Transportation Industry

As in other traditionally male-dominated fields, women in the trucking industry often face unique challenges. After more than a decade

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3 Reasons Fleets Should Swap the Gas Station for Mobile Fueling

Since the beginning of motor vehicle travel, drivers have had virtually no choice but to patronize the gas station. Despite

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At Booster, Bold is in Our DNA

Booster was born from a simple idea: that in a transportation industry historically reliant on dirty, unsustainable, fixed infrastructure for

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A Change in Fueling Solutions Could Revolutionize the Fleet Industry

As a tech-driven, customer-obsessed company, Booster has many directives. But at the center of all our operations sit our core

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Zero-Emission Trucks Have Arrived; Mobile Energy Hubs Can Drive Adoption

As of 2020, the EPA reported that nearly one-third of all United States emissions are attributed to the transportation sector,

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Centering Safety at Booster

At Booster, safety is our highest guiding principle. We are committed to investing time, resources, and energy to maintaining and

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When Disaster Struck: Booster Services Active Fire Incident

Booster’s mobile fueling delivery service supported operational continuity and full containment during California wildfire During natural disasters, first responders like

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Battling Fuel Card Fraud? Mobile Fueling Can Help.

Time and time again, fuel card fraud and slippage remain a significant pain point for fleet owners. Industry figures estimate

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ESG goals

Fueling the Energy Transition…Sustainably

We’re living in a time of immense transition; as climate change and the information age collide, driving new advancements in

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