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WeDriveU expands business operations and reduces total cost of fueling by 36%.

  • 3.2% of total employee time saved
  • 120,000 lbs of CO₂ emissions prevented
  • 36% reduction of total cost of fueling


Booster helps WeDriveU, a private shuttle company, unlock efficiencies and relieve internal teams of administrative headache to continue expanding business operations.


WeDriveU's diverse fleet was growing by the week, but with required fueling logistics, administrative tasks and vehicle management adding up, there wasn't enough time in the day.

  • • Hundreds of fleet vehicles requiring different fuel types
  • • Administrative team overwhelmed with management of complex fuel tracking across 9+ locations
  • • Employees and large fleet exposed to high risk environments and safety concerns
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With the help of Booster Insights, WeDriveU has full transparency into their growing fleet of over 500 vehicles and can repurpose saved time originally spent fueling or tracking costs to reach new customers.

  • • Ease of administrative burden on operations, accounting and HR teams with consolidated fueling statements
  • • Direct billing and easy online fuel consumption reports across all 9+ locations in the Booster Insights dashboard
  • • Both gas and diesel delivered to their fleet, with consistent price and transparency in real time
Booster unlocked operational efficiencies for WeDriveU's growing fleet of 500+ gas and diesel vehicles. WeDriveU – customer since 2017

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