Booster Partners
with Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Our first-of-its-kind partnership brings sustainable
fuels to fleets, straight from the source.

Better Together

The ambitious environmental standards of the day require that fleets, which can account for more than 27% of total transportation sector emissions, begin the path to decarbonization. That path includes renewable fuels that can significantly reduce emissions. The majority of gas stations in the United States, however, do not carry these products. Booster and REG have partnered to increase access to renewable fuels and solve this problem.

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The Benefits of Renewable Fuels

The Customers

Renewable fuels, including REG’s Ultra Clean® blend, will be delivered directly into customer vehicles by Booster’s proprietary mini-tankers and certified drivers. Booster’s data intelligence platform will give fleet managers key insights into their daily operations, including emissions savings.

The Environment

On average, Booster’s fuel delivery service reduces 2.2 vehicle miles traveled. With the addition of REG’s Ultra Clean® blend, a fuel approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), we can reduce particulate matter by more than 40%, carbon monoxide by more than 25%, total hydrocarbons by more than 20%, and nitrogen oxides by 10%.

The Economy

American-made renewable fuels create jobs while reducing our dependence on imports and fossil fuels.

Easy Implementation

Any vehicle that uses conventional diesel can use renewable diesel without updates or modifications. These products can result in easier starting, smoother running and more reliable long-term engine performance. REG's Ultra Clean®, for example, is one of the highest-performing and lowest carbon-intense liquid fuels.

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Booster is a tech-enabled mobile energy delivery company providing a more sustainable fueling experience to fleets and consumers across the United States.

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REG (Chevron Renewable Energy Group) is one of the world’s largest producers of cleaner fuels, including biodiesel, renewable diesel and a blend of the two known as REG Ultra Clean®. A Fortune 1000 corporation, REG’s solutions are alternatives for petroleum diesel and produce significantly lower carbon emissions.

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Our renewable fuel delivery service provides many benefits to our customers and the environment. Here are some frequently asked questions about the products we deliver, our service and the environmental benefits.

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