What’s Next For Booster

by Frank Mycroft

Booster began with a simple mission: eliminate the gas station errand for everyone.   We’re now four exhilarating years and over two million deliveries into this journey, all thanks to our extraordinary team and signature purple mini-tankers.  I am humbled by the stories that I hear about our impact every day.  From the busy parent now able to pick their child up on time to the small business now serving more customers with less operational headache, we’re doing so much more than delivering gas.

So today I am pleased to announce our Series C funding, led by Invus Opportunities, and to welcome two strategic investors: Enterprise Holding Ventures and Total Ventures.

I’d like to share a few thoughts on what comes next.

Expanding to 24/7 Operations

We now serve more customers in more places and deliver greater value by operating around the clock.  In a single day, every Booster mini-tanker serves both consumers and businesses.

Consumers: Each mini-tanker starts the day at select office parks, health clubs, and retail centers.  Hard working professionals rely on Booster as the smart way to get gas every week, having raved in over 6,000 reviews and hailing us as THE new corporate perk.  If you see a purple tank door cover, that’s a happy customer.  Not yet available via your employer?  Ask for us.

Businesses: At night, our mini-tankers transform into gas-run defeating ninjas for business fleets.  From food-trucks to autonomous vehicles, from ambulances to delivery vans, we fuel the modern economy.  Our smart vehicles and FuelOSTM routing platform enable scheduled on-demand fueling in a multitude of urban mobility modals never before possible.  Operate a fleet?  Learn More.

Service Professional Surian P. fueling fleet partner Traffic Management Inc.

Continuing Our Commitment to the Planet

Gas done better means gas that is effortless, reasonably priced, and sustainability forward.

Our direct supply chain and exclusive focus on high-density lots improve communities by reducing congestion on our roads and pollution in our environment.  To date, we have prevented more than 2.32 million pounds of carbon emissions.  With fewer transfers in our supply chain, you get fresher fuel with no need for ground-polluting underground storage tanks.  To top it off, our direct supply chain and rigorous protocols also support lower smog emissions.  For every 100 vehicles we fuel, we have been shown to effectively eliminate the smog for another 26 cars.

Last year, we took the small step of offsetting our entire vehicle fleet by working with carbon offset leader 3Degrees to capture emissions from landfills.  We will continue to do this as we scale.

Growing Our Talented Team

It takes dynamic, multi-talented people to reinvent a $2 Trillion dollar industry. From developing state-of-the-art routing software to being on the front line delivering gas, we invest in our people. Teamwork is our fuel.

As a full-stack, operationally-complex, technology-enabled business with a massive mission, we’re hiring the best across many functions.  The personal service and attention to detail we provide is supported by automation, but itself will never be automated.  In today’s world, that really matters. Our service professionals really do deliver the magic behind every boost. Vital to our company, they are out there every day delighting customers and ideating many of our best product enhancements. We’re not just here to deliver gas, we’re here to better our community by creating real, local jobs and share company ownership and success with all members of our team.

We’re hiring.  As we move to new markets and continue to grow existing locations, we are looking for the right people to join our mission to reinvent the way energy is delivered.

Our team in Orange County, CA

Find a role here: www.trybooster.com/careers