The Anatomy of a Boost

by Booster Insights

Delivering fuel directly to our customers’ vehicles isn’t quite as easy as taking it from point A to point B, even though we make it look that way. Behind every full tank is a sophisticated combination of technologies, processes, knowledge and people that adds up to us delivering the right energy to the right vehicle at the right time. At Booster, we want to make the way we deliver energy better for people, communities, and the planet. And that’s why we’ve pioneered reinventing the supply chain, leading to the direct-to-tank delivery of fuel to a customer’s vehicle. Let’s look at just how amazing the “average” delivery is.

The Team

A full tank at the start of the workday starts with a world-class team:

Our service professionals are the face of Booster. They’re the experts who complete each perfect boost.

  • Each service professional is trained, licensed, and fully certified to safely transport and deliver fuel.
  • Their uniforms don’t just make them look cool, they also have the proper gear to safely deliver fuel. For example: safety gloves, sturdy shoes, and head lamps.
  • Service professionals are our first line of defense; each one is trained to ensure their vehicles and gear are safe for operation. Safety is their number one responsibility on the road and at their destination.

Behind every great service professional is their back-end support.

  • Dispatchers are multitaskers who manage people, supply, and anything else that comes their way. Unforeseen traffic holding you back? Dispatch can help. Extra demand means you need help to fulfill an order? Call dispatch. They’re the ultimate fixers.
  • The safety team works with our service pros to make sure our processes are as safe and as efficient as possible, for our employees, our customers, and the communities we work in.

The Process

We prepare relentlessly for whatever might come our way. Some might say we’re obsessed, and they’re probably right. We take pride in the time and effort we put into preparation – our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Our pre- and post-trip truck inspections and material check-ups are a key part of every boost.

Spill prevention might seem easy but it’s something we’re equally serious about. Because we’re so prepared, our countermeasures go above and beyond legal requirements so we can ensure we’re operating safely.

How serious are we about spill prevention? We have a zero drip policy meaning that we’ve created a process using absorbent materials that catch all the tiny drops of gas before they can hit the ground. (Unlike the gas station, where more than 4.6 million gallons of fuel are spilled annually, according to a study by Johns Hopkins and the CA Air Resources Board and fuel station data from Statista.)

The Technology

Our service professionals are equipped with industry-leading technology, starting with their sweet rides. Our proprietary minitankers are truly one of a kind. With industry-leading maneuverability, they also come with built-in safety features, a reinvented fuel nozzle designed to be more eco-friendly, collision and overturn spill protection, and roll and fire protection. But that’s not the only technology at our fingertips:

  • Our central hub which tracks preventative maintenance, tanker certifications, weights and measures, meters, and licensing and registration gives us around-the-clock insight into the essential information that keeps our trucks running smoothly.
  • Routing and telematics are integrated into our Fleet Management Software, allowing us to continuously optimize so we deliver fuel on time every time, with the most fuel-efficient route possible.
  • Our proprietary supply management software can predict how much fuel will be needed on every route based on previous customer behavior.

Behind every seemingly simple fuel delivery are people, processes, and technology that makes us unique. No other mobile fueler is built this way: we’re always improving to make sure that we’re offering the smartest, most efficient fueling possible, with the most exceptional safety standards for ourselves, our customers, and the communities in which we work.