Meet Doug: Former Booster Service Professional Welcomed on the Sales Team!

by Booster Insights

Doug Wuersch is not a typical truck driver. Beginning his professional life in the medical device industry, he spent 30 years of his career in roles ranging from customer service, to marketing, and everything in between — ultimately becoming an individual distributor of medical products.

Changes in the medical device industry granted Doug an opportunity to reimagine his entire career path. A go-getter, he started researching opportunities online and stumbled across Booster Fuels. With excitement for the blooming mobile fueling industry, and knowing a good opportunity when he sees one, he applied to be a Booster Service Professional (SP).

“I loved the idea of mobile fueling and the more I researched Booster, the more I could see the great possibilities the company had to offer.”

Although Doug did not have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) when he applied to join the Booster team, he did have experience driving a flatbed truck professionally for a few years. After earning his CDL and the Tanker and HazMat endorsements needed to operate Booster’s proprietary mini-tankers, Doug began his career at Booster in May of 2019. In his first few months he immediately shined as a team-player and diligent, dedicated employee.

Doug showing off the back of the purple mini-tanker he operated

One year into his role as an SP, Doug expressed his desire to advance his career and suggested that he could begin training new employees. Because of the encouraging, open-communication culture that Booster cultivates, his direct manager was thrilled to support Doug’s career development and asked him to create new materials based on his own training as well as the best practices he learned on the job.

Then, an opportunity arose. A growing startup, Booster’s recent rapid expansion unearthed the need for a new position: local trainers to master and lead the rigorous SP training curriculum. Soon, Doug applied for and happily accepted a new role as Booster’s first-ever Market Trainer.

Booster SPs see a lot while out on the road. Most memorable for Doug was the longhorn steer, lamas, and goats he drove past on his way to an account.

After excelling in his role as an SP Market Trainer, Booster is now excited to welcome Doug to the Booster Sales Team! His passion and deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the operational side of the mobile fueling on demand industry has uniquely positioned him to thrive once again in his new role.

In addition to the product and business model, Doug says that favorite part about working for Booster is the people. Being around like-minded colleagues who love their job and take pride in their work is just, what he calls, “the Booster way” and that’s what he likes most about working for Booster. His motivation comes from also living “the Booster way” values and working for an industry he believes in.

On his days off, you can find Doug spending time with his family. He enjoys fishing and going to Disneyland.

Doug and his family at the happiest place on earth.

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