Solving Fleet Sustainability Through Mobile Delivery of Renewable Fuels: Booster Partners with REG

by Booster Insights

Today, Booster and REG, a leading producer of renewable fuels, have announced a revolutionary partnership which will make sustainability easy for fleets by delivering renewable diesel, biodiesel and blended fuels directly from the source.

As world leaders leave the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow with ambitious agendas, the private sector has one thing on their minds: How can we decarbonize quickly?

Reducing emissions can be a challenge for any business, but for last mile delivery fleets, which are projected to grow exponentially, the pressure to make the industry more sustainable is palpable. There are many ways for businesses to decarbonize, but fleets need to do it quickly, while still growing capability to service a supply chain that has boomed over the last few years.

Renewable diesel and related blends have proven to be promising solutions for decarbonizing fleets quickly and economically. Most are cost competitive with conventional diesel and many contain up to 80% less lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. But availability is a major problem. Only 332 retail fueling stations offer biodiesel (B20 or greater blends) in the entire United States. That amounts to less than 1% of the nation’s total fueling locations, and the availability of renewable diesel is worse.

Today, fleets need no longer be dependent on gas stations and refiners to make renewable fuels accessible. Booster’s industry-leading partnership with the Fortune 1000 corporation Renewable Energy Group (REG), a leading producer and provider of lower carbon fuels, will reinvent and expand the renewable fuel supply chain and solve the lack of access to renewable fuels for last mile fleets.

This first-of-its-kind partnership offers a unique ability to deliver renewable fuels directly from the source to fleet vehicles. One of the greatest benefits of this partnership is that it will let fleets decarbonize easily overnight without incurring additional expenses. Renewable diesel and biodiesel blends are direct swaps for conventional diesel, requiring no vehicle modifications and giving fleet operators the ‘easy button’ for their sustainability, energy reliability, and fuel cost needs that they have never had before.

By leveraging Booster’s expansive logistics footprint plus deep telematics and data integrations, Booster and REG are not only making renewable energy accessible, but also easy and cost effective. Booster offers fleet managers the data and insights required to navigate today’s supply chain constraints and meet increasingly ambitious business optimization targets.

As well as partnering as an exclusive supplier of renewable fuels to Booster. REG has also become an investor in Booster, joining Invus Opportunities, Conversion Capital, Enterprise Holdings Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Maveron, Perot Jain, L.P., Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures and Vulcan Capital.

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