Service Pro Stories: Meet Brian!

by Booster Insights

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting your Booster Service Pro yet, you should! You’ll find out they are amazing people who deliver gas straight into tanks and have a myriad of talents, interests, and hobbies. Rain or shine, they’re out there pumping gas (and taking names 😆) every day of the week.  Today, we’d like to introduce you to one member of the team. Meet Brian!

If you knew Brian, it wouldn’t surprise you that he hasn’t missed a single day of work since he started at Booster. He has already delivered over 4,000 boosts! And, his hard work and commitment runs in the family — his father and brother are service pros, too!

“Booster is a friendly, happy place. I love working for the company and enjoy everyone I’ve met along the way – teammates and customers,” said Brian. “The concept is genius and it’s rewarding to work for a company that is helping make life a little easier for busy people.”

He started out working day shifts, but recently switched to nights so he and his dad could commute together.  Brian says he has grown closer to his father since they started to work the same shift and he looks forward to their chats each day. Quality time with loved ones is always a good thing!

“It’s nice to work for an open, flexible company. I enjoy nights, but if my needs change, I know that the team will continue to be there for me and help me in any way,” Brian continued. “I’m so thankful to Booster for giving me an opportunity to develop personally and professionally. This really is an amazing place and I look forward to helping many more people and fleets for years to come.”

When Brian isn’t driving a purple Booster mini-tanker, you will find him spending time with his girlfriend, working out at the gym, or hanging with friends and family in North Sacramento or the Bay Area.

We’re so grateful to have Brian (and his family!) on the team. If you’re interested in driving for Booster, learn more at!  We offer full benefits, predictable schedules, and company ownership.