Ruben Garcia: Fueling Success and Leading with Passion at Booster

by Maggie Redling

Ruben Garcia, VP Op & Sales

Ruben Garcia has quietly been making strides at Booster in fuel delivery and operational management since joining in July 2022. Over the past year and a half,  his journey has been characterized by pragmatic leadership, emphasizing adaptability and a down-to-earth commitment to getting the job done.

Ruben’s Booster journey began as a Regional Director overseeing West Coast markets, managing operations with a keen eye for efficiency. Over time, his role expanded, encompassing total operations and P&L for the West Coast Markets. A testament to his leadership, by March of the following year, Ruben was promoted to Vice President of Operations, further solidifying his impact on the company.

Passion for the Team

What sets Ruben apart is his genuine passion for his team. He speaks fondly of the incredible group of leaders reporting to him, emphasizing the momentum fueled by innovative thinking, a refusal to settle for the status quo, and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. Ruben takes pride in watching his team grow personally and professionally, reflecting a culture of continuous improvement that defines the Booster spirit.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Ruben’s love for his job is deeply rooted in two key elements: solid team dynamic and achieving operational targets. Ruben’s satisfaction in his job comes from two straightforward elements. While he acknowledges hitting productivity highs in 2023, his acknowledgment has no grandiosity. Instead, he sees it as a result of a team committed to continuous improvement. This spirit of continuous improvement has even earned him the playful moniker of “never satisfied.”

Lessons Learned

Valuable lessons mark Ruben’s journey, and he shares some key insights. Staying humble, a lesson ingrained from his early days in the steel mills forms the foundation of his leadership philosophy. He also values staying grounded, respecting others, and focusing on excellence. Adaptability to change is another practical skill he emphasizes, learned from hands-on experience in navigating evolving business landscapes.

Creative Outlets and Interests

Beyond the workplace, Ruben finds relaxation in building internal combustion engines for motorcycles and cars. His creative outlet extends to working on cafe racers and muscle cars, offering a balance to his high-paced professional life.  It’s a down-to-earth creative outlet that complements his pragmatic approach to leadership.


Ruben’s journey at Booster exemplifies the spirit of growth, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His impact on the West Coast markets and the broader Booster is marked by practicality, adaptability, and a focus on tangible results. As Ruben continues to lead, this grounded approach will likely define his future successes and the ongoing development of the Booster team.