Investing in Safety: Aligning Benefits to Support Your Return to Work Plan

by Booster Insights

As companies plan to return to the office, their #1 responsibility is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees. Beyond physical health concerns, COVID-19 has left us with added familial responsibilities, increased domestic stress, and, for 45% of us, a negative impact on our mental health. With Human Resources budgets being stretched, every benefits dollar needs to be re-examined to see if it supports a healthy workplace. The types of benefits that should be prioritized are ones that:

• Support social distancing
• Eliminate exposure to/from office
• Address the mental welfare of employees
• Mitigate risk to the total employee population
• Can be utilized by the majority of the employee base

Using benefits strategically to support employees and mitigate risk should be a part of your return to work plan. Many of the benefits and services offered before COVID-19, like cafeterias, shuttles, and gym memberships are no longer viable. These funds can be reallocated and aligned with benefits that support these new safety goals. Luckily, the contactless versions are often more affordable than their pre-COVID-19 alternatives.

Booster’s same-day mobile gas delivery service is a much loved corporate benefit at companies of all sizes. With reliable service and high customer satisfaction ratings, the added value of being 100% contactless has employers making gas delivery an essential part of their return-to-work plan. The CDC has recommended employers incentivize employees to drive to work alone and companies that once offered shuttles and carpooling perks are turning to gas delivery as their commuter benefit.

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