In Support of Women Everywhere

by Frank Mycroft

This International Women’s Day, I wanted to share a personal story about my wife and how she inspired me to create Booster.  She was pregnant with our first child, and I took her car to the gas station to be filled up.  It was late at night.  Raining.  I didn’t want her to be exposed to the fumes, or the grimy pumps. She had been working all day.  I thought to myself, there’s got to be a better way.

Fast forward a few months later. While waiting to take off, I looked out of my airplane window and saw a tanker drive up and refuel an airplane.  I thought, why couldn’t the same thing be done for cars?  Booster was born.

We’ve now delivered millions of tanks of gas, and what makes Booster special is that all of us who work here recognize that there is a person behind every boost we deliver.  I personally think back to that night at the gas station.  I think about all the working women – and men that support them – and I’m glad Booster makes their life a little bit easier.  If we can play a small part in supporting women by fueling their drive, we will.  With honor.

Last year, we were proud to be recognized as one of the Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation.  I want to say thank you to all the talented women at Booster.  All of us feel a shared sense of responsibility for driving gender equality.

Thank you to my wife for not only being my partner, but the spark of inspiration for Booster.   Today, let’s recognize the achievements of women everywhere.

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