A letter in support of our veterans

by Booster Insights

I’m Dave, the VP of operations here at Booster Fuels and a veteran of the US Marine Corps where I served for eight years. I was an infantryman, scout sniper, chief of security at camp david, and a scout sniper platoon leader. In total, I did three tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans Day is about honoring those who have served our country and all of their sacrifices. This year, I’m dedicating this message to the 4.7 million veterans with disabilities in the United States. These people who proudly served their country rely on us every day to do our part to say thank you. I’m proud to work for a company on a mission to make fueling more accessible for veterans with disabilities, and everyone in the mobility disability community. This year, Booster partnered with VetsFirst and the Paralyzed Veterans of America to deliver on that promise.

As we all celebrate and honor those who have served, I invite everyone reading this to join me in pledging your support for our mission to make fueling up more accessible for all.

Thank you for your support,

Dave Sandifer
VP of Operations, Booster Fuels

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