How to Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs with Booster

by Booster Insights

Fleet Fueling

Fueling is an essential part of any fleet operation, but it’s more complex than just filling up at the gas station. The actual cost of fueling goes far beyond the price at the pump and can even impact a fleet’s operations and maintenance expenses.

As Booster CEO Frank Mycroft wrote in Work Truck magazine, “You’re likely spending much more on fueling than you realize. The time, fuel, and wear and tear associated with endless treks to and from the gas station add up quickly, adding significant stress to already tight budgets.”

To keep these costs low, fleet managers can look to mobile fueling with Booster, which can save fleets an average of $1,600 per vehicle annually on the costs associated with fueling.

Save Time and Fuel

Most fleets depend on gas stations when filling the tank, requiring drivers to go out of their way to fill up during their shifts. The typical driver spends about 61 hours per year on off-route gas station errands, which eats into paid labor time and interferes with productivity. Labor expenses associated with trips to the gas station can add up to $1,436 per vehicle annually.

The added miles burn more than just time – they also contribute to unnecessary fuel burn. For vehicles that deviate from their planned service or delivery routes by adding gas station stops, traditional methods of fleet fueling may reduce efficiency. The average fleet of 20 vehicles will burn about 460 gallons of fuel on gas station trips alone.

With Booster, fleets can save on wasted time and fuel by fueling onsite during non-operating hours. This means drivers start their shifts with the fuel they need to focus on essential tasks like delivering packages or making service calls.

Minimize Wear and Tear

Vehicle depreciation presents another hidden cost associated with fueling at the gas station. At an average of more than 400 off-route miles spent on gas station trips annually per vehicle, the additional miles driven by fleets reliant on gas station fueling contribute to significant wear and tear.

This means more oil changes, more tire services, and more vehicle maintenance overall — all of which pile on to already astronomical fleet prices. In fact, according to a report by the American Trucking Association’s Technology & Maintenance Council and Decisiv Inc., fleet maintenance costs in 2022 were up 10% from 2021.

The cost of vehicle depreciation accrued by trips to and from the gas station averages $162 per vehicle per year. For a fleet of 20 vehicles, that’s more than $3,200 annually in wear and tear expenses that could be avoided. By fueling onsite with Booster, fleets can minimize wear and tear on their vehicles by eliminating the need to travel to and from the gas station

The Environmental Impact of Fleets:

Fleet operations, including traditional methods of fleet fueling can have a significant environmental impact, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country, responsible for over 28% of total emissions. Fleet operations are a significant contributor to this problem, with commercial vehicles alone accounting for over 20% of transportation-related emissions.

Mobile fueling services like Booster can help reduce emissions and promote more sustainable fleet operations. Booster uses modern, efficient fueling equipment and practices to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. In addition, Booster offers a fuel management portal that allows fleet managers to track their fuel usage and emissions in real-time, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and reduce their environmental impact.

Boosting Fleet Safety with Mobile Fueling:

Fleet managers must also take safety into account when planning fueling operations. Traditional gas stations can pose various safety risks, such as accidents, spills, and theft. Mobile fuel delivery services like Booster can provide a safer and more secure fueling option for fleets.

Booster’s mobile fueling service eliminates the need for drivers to visit gas stations, reducing the risk of accidents. The fueling trucks used by Booster are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, such as spill-proof nozzles and automatic shut-off systems, to prevent fuel spills and overfills. In addition, Booster’s drivers are trained to follow strict safety protocols, ensuring that fueling operations are performed safely and efficiently.

Fueling for Different Fleet Types:

Different types of fleets may have unique fueling needs and challenges. Booster offers a range of fueling solutions for different fleet types, including gasoline, diesel, renewable energy, and DEF. In addition, Booster’s fuel management portal allows fleet managers to track their fuel and charging usage in real-time, enabling them to optimize their fleet’s fueling operations and reduce their costs. By providing tailored fueling solutions for different fleet types, Booster helps fleets operate more efficiently and effectively.

Increase Productivity

To avoid losing money to hidden fleet fuel costs, fleet owners should consider implementing a fleet fuel management system like mobile fuel delivery by Booster. In this model, fleet vehicles are fueled onsite in one session during fleet off-hours. This way, drivers begin each shift with the fuel they need, and the labor costs that would have gone toward fueling at the gas station can be redirected toward more productive tasks.

The service includes a fleet portal to enhance holistic fleet management. It provides a glimpse into fleet performance and fuel spending to help managers keep up with fleet maintenance and better understand their fleet fueling operation.

By minimizing wasted time and fuel, reducing wear and tear on vehicles, and saving on labor costs, Booster’s mobile fuel delivery service helps fleets increase productivity. Drivers can start their shifts with the fuel they need, and fleet managers can identify trends in fuel consumption to help plan for the future. Booster’s fuel insights give fleet managers deeper visibility into fuel consumption across the fleet.

Say goodbye to wasted time, fuel, and money. Say hello to increased savings and productivity with Booster.