Here’s What You Missed at NAFA 2019

by Booster Insights

Earlier this month, we attended the North American Fleet Association (NAFA) Institute and Expo in Louisville, KY. The largest event for fleet professionals, where we showcased key industry data, our fuel tanker technology and hosted a talk about change management.  We were among fellow partners and innovators, as well as longstanding industry leaders. From the show floor to our presentation, here are the highlights of NAFA 2019:

What We Learned

According to a survey we conducted of over 500 fleet professionals, 70% of managers experience fuel fraud. We listened to a presentation on this issue, given by Steven Saltzgiver of Mercury Associates, that showcased its prevalence across all industries — from fake fuel rebates to fuel card fraud. An important benefit we provide for our customers is the solution to fuel fraud. With a detailed fuel consumption dashboard, fleet managers have peace of mind knowing that only their vehicles are being filled with the fuel they pay for. Good to know that our service provides a solution to such a widespread problem.

The Expo Hall

Hundreds of vendors lined the show floor. Between toll management solutions and siren manufacturers, our booth was a vibrant pop of purple in the large white hall of the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Also among us were key players like our partners Comdata and Wex and emerging companies like Samsara. The most comprehensive event in the industry, it was astounding to see how many companies provide services, vehicles, and resources to all types of fleet professionals. There was a great deal to learn from all of people at the convention.

Creating Change to Thrive in Fleet Management

Our Co-Founder and President of Fleet, Tyler Raugh, had the honor of presenting our experience in creating change in the fleet world. Tyler presented all of the valuable lessons we’ve learned from being a fast-moving start-up. From three people with a pickup truck to 97 professional drivers and 83 custom-built purple mini tankers in just 4 years, we attribute our rapid growth to five key learnings.

Five Key Learnings:

– Do things that aren’t scalable, it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time
– Explicitly define ROI
– Invest in key drivers, the people that drive your vehicles know what’s best
– Actively manage change

Tyler Raugh, Booster Co-Founder and President of Fleet

This is the Future of Fleet Fueling

Our big takeaway from this convention was that there is demand for innovation in fleet fueling solutions across the nation – and in other countries. Stay tuned for what’s next!  Till then, here’s a video that showcases the future of fleet fueling. Enjoy!

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