Happy International Women’s Day!

by Booster Insights

In honor of  International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all of our female service professionals who have joined us on the road to disrupting the status quo.

In an industry where 94% of their peers are men, fearless women like many of our service professionals are choosing to break stereotypes by excelling at careers in commercial driving. For reasons ranging from long-haul schedules which don’t align with familial obligations to the physical size of truck cabs, women have been systematically pushed out of the trucking industry. With the massive shortage of drivers in the US, the number of women with commercial driver’s licenses (CDL’s) is increasing as companies begin to recognize that this problem will not be solved without participation from women.

28,000 women have joined the trucking industry since 2014. Ja’nai S., a Booster service professional, is one of them. For Ja’nai, who has her class B license, her love of driving comes from the freedom and control of operating her vehicle on the open road.

Ja’nai, Booster service professional

When Ja’nai first saw our purple truck on the highway, she thought to herself, “I can ROCK that” and knew she had to come on board. An experienced driver, she has found a home in Booster’s culture which she describes as fun-loving and feels every day as she jokes around with her peers and sometimes dances along to their favorite K-Pop songs. She enjoys the balance of fun and hard work put in to meet goals to continue to improve and disrupt the way energy is delivered.

One of the many misconceptions about female drivers Ja’nai faces is the idea that women can’t maneuver or park as adequately as men — a crucial skill when operating large vehicles. This stereotype can manifest as self-doubt for some, but Ja’nai encourages women to overcome that doubt. She says, “Don’t pass off that parking job, or ANY job, to the next person — persevere and prove them wrong.”

Janice, Booster service pro since Feb 2018

On her days off, Ja’nai loves to spend time with her 6 year old son who she says keeps her motived. In regards to International Women’s Day, she says that she is inspired by how far women have come and lives the day’s values every day with pride.

Thank you to Ja’nai and all of the other women who work for Booster! We’re proud to celebrate with you.

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