The Impact of out-of-route and Refueling Time on Business | BOOSTER

by Booster Insights

I recently collaborated with numerous data scientists at global telematics firm Geotab on a study titled Fleet refueling: The impact of out-of-route and refueling time on business.

The post uncovers radical new numbers that demonstrate how the simple task of going to the gas station has a profound effect on the bottom line of any business that relies on vehicles to get the job done. Before you even click on the link, prepare yourself for quite a surprise. The highlights of the study include these findings:

  1. Going to the gas station to keep vehicles fueled takes longer than we thought.
  2. Our preferred gas stations are further away than we previously thought.
  3. And we’re going more frequently than we should.

The implications for each of these findings are far-reaching. For an in-depth look at the findings featured in the study, click here.