Fueling the Energy Transition…Sustainably

by Booster Insights

ESG goals

We’re living in a time of immense transition; as climate change and the information age collide, driving new advancements in technology, the definition of “sustainability” and what it means to have a positive impact on society continues to change.

“Do no harm” has evolved into a deep-seated responsibility to actively leave the world a better place. Companies are aggressively pursuing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and pledging to make good within the communities where they live and work. Sustainability has become about more than protecting the environment; it has expanded to also include the promotion of longevity, equity, and positive values both within companies and in their surrounding communities.

As we reflect on this perspective shift in corporate responsibility, we’ve taken stock of our own actions and reaffirmed Booster’s commitment to environmental, social and governmental stewardship by launching our inaugural ESG Report.

Booster’s 2022 ESG Report details how we take careful consideration to ensure we not only advance environmental sustainability for our clients and in our own actions — a key component of our business model — but that we also advance sustainability in our social and governance practices.

“Here at Booster, our greatest opportunity to build a more sustainable world is through the tech-driven mobile energy services we provide our customers — our contribution to that diverse lineup of energy solutions,” writes Booster CEO and co-founder Frank MyCroft in the report. “But it’s not enough to only look externally; we must also examine our own business practices and operations to ensure we are making the strongest sustainability commitments to the environment, our people and the governance of our company.”

Our Guiding Principles

Though all our actions center around our mission to power the delivery of everything, we have a lot of goals here at Booster, many of them lofty. We want to revolutionize the way fleets are fueled, diminish reliance on harmful gas stations, bring convenience to fueling, make filling up the tank simpler for the disability community; the list goes on. But at the heart of all these goals, our six core values — Safety, Customer, Integrity, Excellence, Bold, Stewardship — serve as our roadmap, guiding our interactions with customers, communities and fellow team members.

When establishing our sustainability initiatives, whether they be lowering our carbon footprint or creating an inclusive work environment, we align our efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This collection of 17 global goals is designed to provide a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” Our strategies across the three pillars of ESG each are guided by specific SDGs to ensure we remain at the forefront of sustainability’s evolving definitions.


Because so much of our core business offering centers on sustainable, decarbonized energy solutions, environmental stewardship naturally is at the heart of our day-to-day. But we also know that true sustainability leaders lead by example, so we take calculated action to minimize our own energy, water, waste and environmental impacts, both in our daily operations and throughout our value chain.

Our environmental policies begin first and foremost with safety. Because fuels can be harmful to the environment when mishandled, all our Service Professionals follow strict protocol to minimize risk of spillage and hazardous accidents. This includes the requirement of a CDL Class C permit with hazmat and tanker endorsements; adherence to the highest safety requirements set by the International Fire Code, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency, and more; and a three-stage Perfect Boost spill prevention protocol with a zero-drip policy. These safety requirements ensure we comply with air quality standards and protect the environments in which we fuel.

Our other environmental sustainability actions include participation in the California Clean Air Day Pledge, our transition of all diesel-fueled California-based fleets to renewable diesel (which offers up to 70% fewer lifecycle emissions than its petroleum counterpart), and the carbon-neutral status of our fleet of proprietary Smart Tankers, which are optimized for fuel efficiency using telematics.


Booster may be a technology-driven company, but we remain a people-driven business. We take pride in building a caring and engaging work culture, because our people are at the core of who we are.

Much of our social action overlaps with our environmental action, as it is centered around safety. Many of the same protocols we have in place to keep our environment safe also keep our employees and communities safe. We measure our safety in a variety of ways — for example, by tracking driver safety and environmental safety. In 2021, we rolled out an upgraded telematics system that allows our drivers to maintain safe driving through automatic in-cab technology.

We also focus heavily on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B). We believe diversity makes us better; diversity in perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, race, ethnicity, age and more. As of June 2022, 16% of Booster’s CDL drivers identify as women, nearly double the industry average of 8-10%, and more than half our company identifies as a minority population.

Beyond our internal workforce, Booster strongly believes in strengthening the communities where we live and work. This takes the shape of dedicated advocacy efforts to support a variety of causes, like expanding mobile fueling for disability and mobility communities. It also includes providing emergency services in times of crisis, including supporting emergency response during and after hurricanes, tornadoes, blackouts and wildfires.


Recognizing good governance as a critical pillar of any business, we comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies, all while remaining dedicated to our six core values. We carefully craft our corporate governance, ethics, and conflict of interest policies to reflect Booster’s values at all times. This includes strict policies to protect against discrimination, an open door policy that encourages honest and direct communication, and a detailed whistleblower process that provides an anonymous reporting method for suspected violations.

Growing with ESG

Put simply, we want to make the world a better, cleaner, more convenient place for all. Yes, we’re working toward that mission in the transportation space, but our goals are rooted in our desire to improve the world for all sectors, communities, and generations to come. We recognize this begins with securing the health and strength of our planet and its inhabitants.

We welcome the widening lens of sustainability, as it holds us accountable, dictating that we look beyond just lowering emissions and really consider how to be a holistically responsible business, and positive contributor to society. As Booster continues to grow, we are committed to continuously evaluating, updating and expanding our ESG goals, allowing them to lead us into our increasingly sustainable future.