Fueling Our Nation’s Capital During Inauguration

by Booster Insights

One of the best parts about being a Washington DC resident is the quadrennial tradition that punctuates each administration’s governance transition.

Inaugurations are about new beginnings, a chance to reflect on and commemorate who we are, and to consider where our country is headed as a result of our vote.

While the energy of an inauguration usually captivates, this year felt different. Recent security incidents resulted in a strict lockdown for residents.

When more than 25,000 National Guardsmen were deployed, a simple trip to the grocery store became an exercise in navigation and logistics. Naturally, the usual excitement of inaugural festivities was tempered.

Not only that, but the security apparatus had substantial energy requirements and local restrictions mandated that volatile liquids such as gasoline be kept out of places of interest throughout the week.

Despite these new rules, everything from equipment to generators to fleets to golf carts needed to be fueled to keep every player in the inaugural events safe. And these needs were present around the clock.

As such, there was high demand for fueling partners with experience in overcoming crisis, regulatory obstacles and safety challenges. And Booster stepped up to the challenge.

As Booster CEO and Founder Frank Mycroft noted in an interview with ABC’s Alex Stone, extreme security operations demand flawless execution and incomparable reliability. This is just the kind of service Booster is accustomed to delivering. And the exact offering we delivered.

In less than one week, we sought briefings by local and federal government agencies to ensure the security of our people. Customers and allies advised on supply chain considerations that matched our high standards of delivery. Our team of incredible Service Professionals was deployed immediately.

The Booster team rallied to ensure seamless delivery while keeping safety and security top-of-mind the entire time. Customers appreciated our support through such a complex moment in the energy delivery supply chain.

In total, Booster provided 10,000 gallons of fuel to inaugural fleets across government and business clients in one week. And as a proud Washingtonian, I had the pleasure of supporting my incredible colleagues while they provided solutions during one of our country’s most important traditions. After all, the American Show must go on.