Fuel Your Business With Booster: The Underground Storage Tank Solution

by Akshay Meshram

Fuel Your Business With Booster_ The Underground Storage Tank Solution

Do you have a business running with an underground storage tank (UST)? If you do, you may already know there are some unique challenges with having these hidden tanks. Booster’s mobile fuel delivery helps customers focus on running their company while saving time and money in fuel management by removing the need for USTs. Read on to find out how.

Understanding Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

An underground storage tank is a container burrowed below the earth’s surface, mainly to contain fuel like diesel and gasoline. They can be found in gas stations, industrial establishments, and homes. It’s not uncommon for companies to use USTs that depend on fuel for their business.

The Challenges of USTs

USTs come with some risks. These risks include leaks, compliance considerations for safety, environmental hazards, logistical challenges, inefficiencies, and escalating costs associated with those things just listed.

  • Maintenance Headaches: USTs need to be checked often for their functionality. This means looking for leaks, corrosion, and wear-and-tear problems that could lead to bigger issues. Routine inspections and maintenance are often costly exercises that take much time.
  • Compliance Concerns: When working with USTs, it is essential to comply with environmental and regulatory requirements. Fines and legal issues can result from non-compliance. This would be no small headache since it involves always being updated about changing regulations.
  • Environmental Worries: USTs pose a lasting threat of soil and groundwater contamination. A leak or spill could cause severe environmental damage and large pollution removal costs.
  • Logistics and Scheduling: It is usually difficult to coordinate fuel deliveries because traditional mechanisms are less effective. Scheduling shipments to prevent such disruptive activities could constitute a conundrum.
  • Efficiency and Cost: Managing USTs can be expensive. In addition to maintenance and inspection costs, it’s not uncommon for fuel in a UST to be consumed in totality, making it difficult to manage.


Booster’s Solution to Your UST Challenges

Knowing there are challenges to USTs, many customers may choose Booster’s mobile fuel delivery service to handle fueling and fuel management.

Hassle-Free Maintenance:

Booster reduces the need for extra costs for maintaining USTs. Instead, they deliver fuel to your door so you can concentrate on the operation of the business.

Regulatory Compliance:

Booster ensures you get everything right concerning fuel management and remain within regulation frameworks. Their service has met the environmental and safety regulations to ensure you remain within acceptable legal boundaries. With Booster, you don’t need to navigate a constantly changing regulatory environment.

Environmentally Responsible:

Booster reduces the chance of pollution. They ensure their well-trained employees take extra precautions when handling fueling, thus minimizing spillover risk. As such, you will be at peace of mind, assured that your business is contributing towards the green future.

Efficient and On-Demand Fueling:

With the mobile fueling service of Booster, coordinating fuel deliveries is easy. The company also offers customers a just-in-time fuel delivery without experiencing any disturbance in its day-to-day operations.

Cost Savings:

By providing effective fueling services, Booster can cut down on unnecessary losses and expenditures incurred by UST management. Using Booster, you will pay a pre-agreed upon rate based on the fuel purchased.

How Booster Works: A Step-By-Step Guide

Let’s walk through the simple process of using Booster’s mobile fuel delivery service:

Step 1: Schedule Fueling

Using Booster’s user-friendly mobile app or website, schedule your fueling needs. You can set the best date, time, and location for your business.

Step 2: Mobile Fueling Truck Arrives

Booster’s purple-branded fuel truck will arrive at your location as scheduled. Their trained professionals care for everything so you can continue focusing on your work.

Step 3: Fueling Process

Booster’s team fuels your vehicles or UST, ensuring a safe and efficient process—no need for you to worry about fuel spills or environmental concerns.

Step 4: Real-Time Monitoring

Booster provides real-time updates on the fueling progress, allowing you to track every gallon of fuel delivered.

Step 5: Invoice and Payment

Booster charges you by sending an invoice regarding the fuel you’ve consumed. Booster allows you to pay for what has been consumed, which reduces costs.


With Booster’s mobile fuel fueling delivery solutions, you do not have to worry about additional maintenance issues, compliance issues, or environmental hazards. Take pleasure in the efficiency, cost-cutting, and eco approach to fueling.

It is now high time you have a simpler and easier way of managing your fuel to find a better way to fuel your business. Start using Booster today and emulate those firms that experienced enhanced operations after simplifying UST.