Run A Business? It’s Time You Got an ‘Easy Button’ For Your Fleet.

by Booster Insights

Your Fleet, Simplified.

What if there was an easy way to achieve more efficiency, higher profits, and sustainability goals right now? Energy delivery from Booster has done that very same thing for hundreds of companies, large and small.

Today, businesses are facing immense pressure to execute efficiently amid rapidly growing demand, operational complexity, and unprecedented labor shortages. It’s the perfect storm.

Keeping vehicles fueled is a necessary burden on business that opens your fleet up to additional time, vehicle wear, exposure to the perils of the road, and a higher potential for fraud at the pump. Until today, the only alternative was to keep fueling capabilities onsite, which is expensive, toxic to the environment, and a risky investment considering we are in the midst of a global energy transition.

The pressure to adhere to new environmental standards can introduce added stressors for business owners and operators: like having to choose between an allegiance to business or a focus on sustainability, sourcing renewable fuels when they’re not widely available, or the far-fetched option of fleet electrification, which requires many years, major CapEx, and operational rigidity.

Enter The Easy Button

Having energy delivered directly to your fleet by Booster helps your company fiscally, operationally, and environmentally by removing the need to travel to the gas station ever again.

A partnership with Booster saves your employees time that could be used with customers or other essential functions. Which saves you money. It also saves your vehicles from unnecessary depreciation and your drivers from potential risks associated with being in traffic. Which eliminates 1.9 lbs of CO₂ per gas station trip and also, you guessed it, saves you money.

Thanks to Booster’s mobile model, more customers now have access to biofuels like renewable diesel, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 70% without sacrificing performance or increasing costs. It is a direct swap for conventional diesel, so there is no need to modify or purchase new vehicles. The reduction in carbon emissions alone is worth the simple transition, but we also offer our customers data insights that give business owners unprecedented visibility into these benefits and allows them to clearly track per-gallon pricing.

The Proof is in the Results

Our customers have seen remarkable results from having renewable diesel delivered to their fleets.

19% decline in energy cost per mile

Providing customers with competitive, predictable prices drives down the per-mile cost of fuel.

60% reduction in total vehicle energy management costs

By eliminating trips to the gas station altogether, we’re also eliminating the costs associated with it, including administrative chores.

5%+ increase in profit and service delivered per labor unit

We give customers 20 minutes of labor back per gas station trip, time that can be spent on business development.

25-75% reduction in carbon emissions

By eliminating the 2.2 vehicle miles traveled off-route to the gas station, you save 1.9 lbs of CO2 emissions, PLUS additional CO2 savings with renewable fuel delivery.

If you’d like to improve your company’s efficiency and sustainability while actually boosting profits, contact our consultants at or call us at 1.888.938.3563.