Data-Driven, Booster Fueled

by Booster Insights

Booster has become the #1 same-day fuel delivery service by being tech-first and data-driven. Our detailed dashboard gives businesses an elevated level of control and visibility into their fuel consumption and total operations. Our customers enjoy real-time and month-to-date glances at the impact our mobile fuel delivery service has on their business. Whenever they sign into their accounts, they’re instantly greeted with completely up-to-date data on numerous vital business metrics.

“We’re giving our customers a real-time glance at the effectiveness of their relationship with us. This kind of visibility is key to running a successful fleet.”
-Dave Sandifer, VP of Operations at Booster Fuels

Account visibility

Booster’s dashboard elevates critical account statistics to the marquee position of the account login page so businesses can have a bird’s eye view of their fleet’s fueling data all in one place. This section includes detailed information about fleet readiness.

  • Gallons
    A real-time glance at the total number of gallons pumped into your vehicles.
  • Spend
    A month-to-date glance at the cost of fueling your vehicles.
  • Boosts
    The total number of individual boosts you’ve received for the month.
  • Vehicles
    The total number of individual vehicles that have received boosts for the month.

Impact on efficiency

The harder-to-measure but perhaps even-more-important metrics are the ones that deal directly with Booster’s impact on business efficiency and the value it brings to your company.

  • Savings
    A quick glance at the real-time savings you’ve realized for the month with Booster.
  • Time Efficiency
    The total efficiency (measured in time) your business has realized by not having to go to the gas station.
  • Miles Reduced
    The monthly total miles your business has saved by not having to go to the gas station. This number has far-reaching implications, like wear and tear, exposure to accidents and more.
  • Environmental Impact
    Get instant visibility on the environmental impact of working with Booster (measured in pounds of CO2 emissions prevented).

If you’re interested in learning more about how we calculate these costs, download our eBook here.

Visualized data at a glance

In addition to front-and-center business statistics, you’ll also be able to see the data visually. An easy export allows you to access your company’s latest information however–and wherever–you’d like.

This is just one more way Booster helps businesses simplify the management of their fleets.

If you think you could benefit from this kind of visibility on your fleet’s operations, let’s talk. Give us a call at (866) 844-4006 or visit our website to learn more.