Celebrating Disability Pride Month

by Booster Insights

Since 1990, the month of July has been dedicated to embracing and celebrating people with disabilities. The occasion marks the July 26th anniversary of the The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed on July 26, 1990, a historic legislation that enhanced the lives of many differently-abled people.

The ADA set many standards to improve access and independence, including infrastructure requirements to make buildings and services more accessible. While this landmark legislation set a precedent, much is still needed to make the world a more inclusive and equitable place.

One area still lacking solutions is the accessibility to fueling for drivers with disabilities. As the leading mobile energy delivery service, our customers and partners have experienced firsthand the difficulties faced at gas stations. Unless you live in Oregon or New Jersey, full service stations are nearly non-existent. Those that do exist charge more for the service. The ADA requires gas stations to provide reasonable accommodations to drivers with disabilities, but it isn’t always enforced.

At gas stations, drivers in wheelchairs can find themselves unable to reach the key pad, or note that the button to call for assistance is taped over, painted in, or simply broken. Many times, no one is staffed at the station to come out for help, even when the button functions properly. Even when drivers with disabilities can fuel their vehicles at a gas station, it can be a huge burden to fuel it themselves or have to plan and wait for attendants to do it for them.

We believe the disability community needs a better solution for fueling their vehicles, and mobile fueling is a great and accessible alternative. With the goal of supporting and uplifting the communities that we operate in, Booster has joined, along with numerous disability advocacy groups, the Californians for Smart Fueling Coalition (CSFC). The CSFC was established to promote independence for drivers with disabilities, advocate for accessible refueling options, and to push for legislation that promotes accessible mobile fueling.

Although this coalition started in California, we hope to share this issue countrywide. U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois noted that there are approximately “15 million drivers with disabilities in the United States [that] are unable to easily access gas.” This is a persistent problem with a solution that can be made available today, and we won’t stop until all drivers with disabilities have accessible alternatives to stay moving and independent.

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A special thanks and shoutout to the disability advocacy groups we work with:

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

Muscular Dystrophy Association

National Council on Independent Living

NorCal SCI

Paralyzed Veterans of America

United Spinal Association