Booster’s CDL Academy: Putting More People in the Driver’s Seat

by Booster Insights

The United States is experiencing a shortage of truck drivers that has been heightened both by the pandemic and rapid growth of last mile delivery. Fixing this shortage is crucial to easing our supply chain crisis, but the trucking industry just isn’t keeping up.

At Booster, drivers are at the heart of our business. And as a growing company, we understand that taking care of our people and their futures is crucial to providing meaningful and lasting careers. That’s why we’ve chosen to invest in our drivers by giving them a path to obtain their Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) through our CDL Academy. So far, we’ve seen great results.

Understanding America’s Truck Driver Shortage

America’s truck driver shortage is complicated. Falling wages, increasing demands, high barriers to entry, and everything in between contribute to it.

For Booster Service Professional Frank Boyd, truck driving was always something that he wanted to do, but couldn’t, due to cost and time constraints. CDL schools can cost up to $7,000 and take half a year to complete. Many drivers who opt to get their CDL through an employer can get a raw deal.

“I looked into the big trucking companies that would put you through [driving] school if you worked with them. This didn’t work for me because they didn’t pay well for beginners. In some cases, if you add up the deductions from your pay you’re actually paying a lot more [for your CDL] than you would if you just got it yourself. Problem is, I didn’t have the time to get it myself.” - Frank Boyd, Booster Service Professional

Even for companies that can hire truck drivers, most have difficulty retaining them. In a labor market like this one, annual turnover at large trucking companies is a whopping 94%.

It’s no wonder the industry is suffering.

Investing in Great CDL Candidates

Booster, an industry leader in energy delivery, is also leading the change to attract, retain and grow drivers’ careers with secure, well-paying positions and great benefits. And it all begins with our CDL Academy.

Currently available in select markets, this school prepares drivers for meaningful careers on the road with a CDL in fewer than 90 days. Many graduates have little to no previous driving experience, but gain career opportunities for their own futures.

Alan Veloz, Booster’s first CDL academy graduate, got his CDL in 57 days. Since then, he has been promoted to a market trainer, allowing him to teach new drivers the ins and outs of this career.

“I love driving. I’m not an office guy. I love the idea of being out on your own and being responsible for yourself. Driving for Booster is perfect for me, so I’m always happy to go to work.” - Alan Veloz, Booster Service Professional

Booster’s CDL Academy is an apprenticeship model, meaning that students have one hour of classroom time per day and then real field experience for the rest of their shifts. In this model, students learn faster and could get a taste of the job and decide if it’s right for them before investing in getting their license.

Although this is a fast tracked approach to obtaining their license, students will learn everything they need to know in order to be successful in their careers at Booster and beyond. This includes the general knowledge to pass the state written and driving exams as well as how to be safe and responsible on the road.

Building A Future Together

We’re committed to keeping our drivers happy so they’re motivated to work hard and stay with us to build their careers. This starts with opportunity and continues with fair treatment and compensation for good work.

CDL Academy graduate Brandon Arnold spent many years of his career trying to climb the ranks in previous jobs, but found it difficult to do so at traditional trucking companies. Determined, he joined Booster because he felt that his skills would be valued.

“Booster has given me the opportunity to dive into a career I could be proud of.” - Brandon Arnold, Booster Service Professional

Booster’s CDL Academy is the gateway to a meaningful career at Booster and beyond. We offer full-time employment with 401(k), stock options, 100% paid benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage.

Are you ready for the driver’s seat?

We’re doing our part to combat the national shortage of drivers the Booster way: by addressing industry issues head-on. We’re creating long-term, meaningful opportunities for potential drivers. Not only do we offer education and certification for CDL candidates, but high quality careers with clear paths toward advancement with our company and others down the road.

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