California Air Resources Board Certified Booster Technology

by Booster Insights

Last week, one of the country’s leading environmental regulators issued an executive order validating the environmental standards for Booster’s delivery methods, making it easier for Booster and other companies to deliver fuel to vehicles wherever customers need it.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) executive order — the first of its kind in two decades — validated Booster technologies, giving Californians more definitive access to mobile fueling in most counties, and making Booster’s high standards for emissions reduction the benchmark for the industry.

Booster leads the field in mobile fueling because of its sterling safety and environmental records, and because it readily took a seat at the table when regulators were creating and adopting industry codes. Booster’s licensed and certified service professionals go through rigorous training in spill prevention, safety and hazardous materials handling.

Further, Booster technology prevents pollution — to the tune of 1.1 pounds of CO2 emissions per boost. The service is also carbon neutral, eliminates the use of underground storage of gasoline, and even improves vehicle efficiency by filling up drivers’ tires.

Since CARB is known to be one of the strictest environmental regulators in the country, this certification could serve as a template for other states seeking to meet decarbonization and similar sustainability goals, as alternatives to traditional refueling can help reduce transportation sector emissions. The average gas station spills 40 gallons of fuel annually and emits harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Ultimately, the CARB order enables communities to offer an alternative to traditional refueling. And as mobile fueling expands across the state, consumers and businesses of all sizes will gain access to a more environmentally friendly mobile gas station on demand.