BoostHER: Movers and Shakers

by Booster Insights

Operations and technology roles are typically male-dominated, and that shouldn’t be the case. In celebration of Women’s History Month, meet two exceptional women who make Booster’s processes and services better, while blazing a trail for others to follow.

Lauren Gassman – Overnight Supervisor, with Booster since 2019

About three months into my time here at Booster, I knew that I ultimately wanted to be in Operations. Dispatch is a support function, which I loved. I loved being able to remotely support Service Professionals across the country and help them get through their night, but I had my heart set on getting into Operations to have a more direct role with the Service Professionals. I relocated to the Bay Area in November to take on the Overnight Supervisor position for San Jose.

Working in a traditionally male-dominated role can be challenging at times. I have had to get over the mental block that I had to work much harder than the men did, just to prove that I was capable of the same position. I thought that asking for help would show that I was not cut out for the position. I quickly realized that I had created that scenario in my head and others were mostly very willing to help and share their knowledge. After transitioning to a leadership role, I had to understand my leadership style. I was so worried about coming off as being too sensitive because I genuinely care about my team, that I almost took it to the other extreme of being cold-hearted. I realized that I had to be me to be successful; what worked for the guys wasn’t going to work for me.

I’ve never felt as excited about working as I have at Booster. The relationships that I have built with my coworkers through my time here are rock solid. I have gained friends that have been so supportive in both my work and personal life. When you see your ideas come to life, it’s something that can’t be matched. I love that everyone gives you a chance to try something new out. If it works, then we run with it. If not, it’s not the end of the world but just back to the drawing board to be tried again another day. That’s something pretty neat.

“When you see your ideas come to life, it’s something that can’t be matched.”

Jenevieve Jackson – Regulatory Compliance Manager, with Booster since 2021

I started as a paralegal in a traditional law firm right after college. I knew I didn’t want to be an attorney but was interested in analyzing and operationalizing regulations and rules. I joined Lyft in early 2017, as ridesharing was becoming more widely known, and helped the company grow across the US. I got to hit the ground running and watch it grow both nationally and internationally. I then moved into the aeronautics sector as part of a government relations/compliance team to help maintain rapport with the Federal Government as a major defense contractor. I joined Booster’s policy team in the summer of 2021, focusing on regulatory compliance.

Compliance is often stigmatized as being detrimental to growth, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. Regulatory compliance, especially in a landscape like Booster’s, presents the challenge of fitting innovative services into antiquated rules, so this job allows for the ability to educate regulators so that we can unlock businesses and operations that would have otherwise been blocked by outdated rules. It’s especially rewarding when you are working towards a mission that aligns with your personal values.

As a woman in the industry, I’ve sometimes had to force my seat to the table to be an equal thought partner, been interrupted, or been gaslighted, like being asked if I’m “sure” about my opinion. I’ve had to set boundaries and “uncondition” myself from being a yes woman. At Booster, I like that there’s a culture of being open to other’s ideas, everyone is a team player and not quick to break things or burn bridges.

My favorite parts of my job are the excitement and the opportunity to define proper frameworks for a brand-new industry, and hearing “Woah, that’s a really cool concept! When can I get access to Booster?” every time I explain what Booster does to someone who is unfamiliar with it!

“Confidently go with your gut. Your passions speak greater volumes and are valued more highly than any hesitancies.”

Fueling change takes all of us. At Booster we’re proud to work with exceptional women from all backgrounds who are knocking down the barriers that women too often face when working in operations and technology.

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