Booster Wins Sustainability Service of the Year by Business Intelligence Group

by Booster Insights

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded Sustainability Service of the Year by Business Intelligence Group! The Sustainability Awards honor the people and teams that bring sustainability to the forefront of their business practices and overall mission. We were founded on the principle that bringing the gas station to customers was better for you, our cities, and our planet.  How? Because every time you boost – not only is your chore list shorter – you prevent 1.4lbs of CO2 from escaping into the earth’s atmosphere. Together with our customers, in our short four year history we have:

  1. Prevented more than 2,300,000 lbs of CO2
  2. Eliminated 2,400,000+ miles from being driven to/from the gas station
  3. Saved $3,000,000+ in fuel and vehicle wear and tear costs

Saving that much CO2  is like planting 180,000 trees and getting back nearly 50 years of time by skipping the gas station!  Results like these drive our team to bring our inclusive, accessible, and impactful approach to sustainability to more locations across America.

The Gas Station Reinvented:

We don’t just do gas differently — we do it better. The key to Booster’s success is in our new approach to energy delivery.  It’s more cost effective, efficient, and sustainable. Our 100% carbon-neutral fleet delivers the highest-quality fuel directly from the fuel terminal to vehicles without costing a penny more. This reduces vapor emissions and fuel transfers and eliminates the need for underground fuel storage tanks that pollute soil and groundwater.  Plus, by never storing our fuel in an underground tank, we can promise that our fuel contains less sediment than fuel stored at a gas station.
So the next time you see our purple mini-tankers in the parking lot, know it’s not just delivering gas, but so much more value beyond every tank.  Thank you to Business Intelligence Group for recognizing our commitment to fueling the future!

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