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by Booster Insights


Diesel, especially renewable diesel, has become a driving force behind many industries, ensuring that businesses and their fleet run seamlessly. The need for fuel delivery, particularly for fleet operations, is undeniable. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and offers customers an opportunity to support their sustainability goals. In this blog, we’ll discuss various aspects of diesel fuel delivery and the value it has for fleet operators across industries.

Problems Faced by Fleet Operators

Operating a fleet, whether it’s for delivery, transportation, or any other purpose, comes with its unique set of challenges. These challenges can significantly impact the efficiency, safety, and profitability of fleet operations. Let’s delve deeper into the issues faced by fleet operators:

Fuel Card Fraud:

One of the most pressing concerns for fleet managers is fuel card fraud. Employees can intentionally or unintentionally misuse these cards, leading to unauthorized fuel purchases. It’s estimated that fuel card fraud and slippage can account for a staggering 5-10% of a fleet’s total expenses. This not only affects the bottom line but also requires additional resources to monitor and prevent such activities.

Detours for Refueling:

Every time a vehicle deviates from its route to refuel, it incurs additional costs. These off-route miles can add up, leading to increased fuel consumption, wear and tear on the vehicle, and potential delays in service or delivery.

Safety Concerns at Gas Stations:

Gas stations, especially during peak hours, can be hazardous. With vehicles moving in and out and drivers focused on refueling, the risk of accidents increases. It’s alarming to note that nearly 32,000 incidents occur at gas stations annually, posing a threat to both drivers and vehicles.

Hygiene Issues at Fuel Pumps:

In today’s health-conscious world, hygiene has become paramount. Surprisingly, gas pumps can be a hotbed for germs, with some studies suggesting they are more than 10,000 times dirtier than public toilet seats. This exposes drivers to potential health risks every time they refuel.

Financial Security Threats:

Gas stations, especially those in remote areas, can be targets for card skimming activities. These illegal devices capture card data, leading to potential financial fraud. For fleet operators, this poses a dual challenge: the immediate financial loss and the subsequent loss of trust among drivers.

Volatile Fuel Prices:

Fluctuating fuel prices can wreak havoc on a fleet’s budget. Without a fixed pricing strategy or bulk purchasing agreements, fleet operators can find themselves at the mercy of market dynamics, leading to unpredictable operational costs.

Administrative Overhead:

Managing fuel receipts, monitoring fuel consumption, and reconciling expenses can be a tedious process. This administrative overhead not only consumes time but also requires dedicated resources, adding to the operational costs.

The Future of Refueling: 24/7 Diesel Delivery

In the dynamic realm of fleet management, every second is invaluable. Each moment a vehicle remains stationary translates to potential lost opportunities and revenue. This brings us to a groundbreaking solution: 24/7 diesel delivery. This innovative approach is revolutionizing how fleet managers address their fuel requirements, introducing a host of advantages to counter existing challenges. Let’s dive deeper into this transformative solution:

Uninterrupted Accessibility:

A standout feature of 24/7 diesel delivery near me is its unwavering availability. Regardless of the time or day, diesel delivery can be scheduled and make sure that fuel delivery reaches the fleet promptly, keeping operations seamless with delivery on demand.

Optimized Operations:

Direct diesel delivery to the fleet negates the need for vehicles to make unnecessary trips to gas stations. This not only conserves time but also guarantees that vehicles stick to their planned routes, amplifying operational productivity with Booster.

High Fuel Quality:

The direct approach to fuel delivery typically ensures a higher caliber of renewable diesel. By bypassing the need for storage at secondary sites, the risk of fuel delivery contamination diminishes, promising top-tier diesel delivery for vehicles.


The promise of 24/7 diesel delivery by request gives fleet managers the confidence that their fuel delivery requirements will be addressed without delay by services like Booster. This trustworthiness becomes paramount during high-demand periods or unforeseen situations.

Economical Approach:

Choosing direct diesel delivery can result in notable financial benefits. By sidestepping the back-and-forth trips to fuel stations, there’s a decrease in fuel delivery wastage. Moreover, purchasing renewable diesel in bulk often fetches more competitive rates, further slashing operational expenses with Booster.

Eco-Conscious Benefits:

Minimizing the extra miles vehicles travel for diesel delivery near me directly reduces carbon emissions. This eco-friendly approach not only fosters a healthier environment but also resonates with the increasing focus on green business operations using renewable diesel.

The Distinction of Booster

Booster emerges as a holistic solution for fleet needs. The following are the unique offerings by Booster:

Competitive Pricing:

Booster offers pricing structures based on various determinants like location, type of fuel delivery, and the regularity of on-premises diesel delivery services.

Fuel Card Integration:

Booster seamlessly integrates with renowned fuel cards, ensuring smooth diesel delivery near me. Compatibility with WEX, Voyager, and Comdata makes Booster the one-stop solution to fuel delivery needs.

Upholding Safety Protocols:

Booster is unwavering in its commitment to safety, adhering to rigorous standards set by entities for fuel delivery. Each of their Service professionals completes the ‘Perfect Boost’ process ensuring the safety of their employees, the customer’s vehicles, and the environment.

Diverse Fuel Offerings:

Booster’s fuel palette is extensive, encompassing gasoline, diesel delivery, renewable diesel, and more, including biodiesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) provisions with delivery on demand.


The conventional methods of refueling are gradually becoming obsolete. With the innovative and tech-enabled services like what Booster offers customers, the paradigm is shifting towards on-demand diesel delivery. For fleet managers, this evolution signifies enhanced efficiency, fiscal prudence, and a sustainable modus operandi using renewable diesel. The future of fuel delivery beckons, and it’s time to respond with Booster.