1,000,000 Boosts

by Booster Insights

This year, we delivered our millionth boost. One of our greatest milestones yet, we decided that the best way to celebrate is to go out and show our millionth customer how special she really is. Kaela, an HR Advisor at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, truly is one in a million!

If a million boosts seems like a lot, that’s because it is! A gas station run here and a quick pitstop there may seem small in the moment, but when we add it all up we can see what a BIG impact 1,000,000 really makes:

– 1,400,000+ lbs of CO2 emissions avoided
– 219,000+ hours not spent at the gas station
– $1,000,000+ saved in vehicle wear and tear
– 1 million less “Oh no! I’m empty” moments

We have a motto at Booster: make every boost count. This means that we treat every boost and every customer as they are — one in a million! We think that the drab, impersonal fuel industry has maintained the status quo for FAR too long and it’s about time we feel good about fueling up. We don’t take for granted that behind every boost is a mom, dad, sister, brother, friend or business – that has trusted us with their drive.  And, we won’t let them down. In a hectic, over-connected world, we believe service with a smile and attention to detail can be magical.  And, everyone deserves a bit of magic. This is why we’re out there every day delivering gas and going the extra mile to delight our customers a million times over.

Thank you all for helping us hit the millionth boost milestone. Here’s to a million (or two) more!