White Paper:
Fleet refueling: The impact of out-of-route and refueling time on business

Your trips to the station are wasting your time and money. We’re offering to give that back to you.

When it comes to running your business, you know your fleet is what helps you get your job done. You also know that it is one of your largest expenses during the year. Apart from the actual financial costs, those trips to the station are costing you more than you think.

Recent research shows trips to the gas station have an even larger impact on your business’ efficiency and on the planet than you think. Global telematics firm Geotab dove into the numbers to show how everyday trips to the gas station impact your business.

Download the Geotab white paper for more insights:

  • Going to the gas station to keep vehicles fueled takes longer than we thought
  • Our preferred gas stations are further away than we realize
  • We’re making more trips to the station than we should
Geo Tab whitepaper